Spring is here!!

I want to celebrate the arrival of the spring with this outfits!! They have lots of flowers to be sexy and cute. Perfect for kajirae, elfs, fairies..not only for Gor! Includes top, panty, belt and necklace. Available in red, white or rose, for just 99 Lindens.

Fear of the Dark

Yes I really love that song! Iron Maiden Rocks! I was just hearing that song when I designed this outfit so I built something dark... xD. For outlaws, mercenaries, vampires, assassins.. Includes 2 corsets (PG, mature), pants, shirts, boots, kilt, scarf, hood, mask and armwarmers. You can have it for just 150 L! Dont wait more to get it!


Heerena: Promo Silks!!

Now in my store in world or at marketplace you can find this elegant silks for just 75 L. They are designed thinking in medieval, gorean and ancient RP (egypt, roman..). Includes top, skirt and necklace. Hope you like them!


Dance Silks!!!

I was too busy in RL this last days and I couldn´t desing nothing new.. Even I forgot to post the new silks I built some time ago!!
Dance Silks are sexy, elegant..perfect for dancers. Includes chain arness, nipple piercings, bracelets and skirt. Only 150 L!


For she urts!!!

I decided to start a she urt character but I couldnt find easily the type of clothes I like..So I told to myself.. Design it!!! And this is the result! Includes tunic, skirt, panty, jacket, scarf, sa-tarna leaf to your mouth, leg warmer, arm warmers, backpack with fishes and tattoo dirtyness for all your body and face. 150L. I hope you like them!!


New silks for Tavern Girls!!

Trying to keep it more Btb style, I designed this new silks in three colors: yellow, red and white. Includes camisk, skirt, coin chest bracelet, necklace (opencollar scripted)and ankles with bell sound. Only 99 Lindens! I hope you like it :)


Promo Silks.. 50L!!

Jezebel silks are simple but sexy and completly lovely.. I think! Includes top, skirt, bracelets and belly piercing. Check them at my mainstore inworld or in my marketplace website!


Diva Silks!!

For autentic divas, sexy and elegant silks, perfect to show your body. Includes 2 camisk (mature, PG), skirt, nipple piercings, headband (tiara), foot chains, bracelets with bell sound. Only 150 L.