Halloween Hunt at Cies Island sim!!


The shops of our sim (Torvis, Una, May soul, Flecha, Axxis.. and myself ^^) are preparing a hunt to celebrate Halloween and thanks our customer for being here all year 
It starts on Saturday 26 october and runs until november 6!
You only need to look for the pumpkins and get your gift!

Since that weekend I will be traveling, I show you know the gift you will get on that funny hun..I hope you like it <3

And have...an amazing and horrorific Halloween Day!

Skin: Al Vulo Lyria Dolly Blonde Vainilla
Hair: Truth Genesis Light Blondes

Titania : New medieval Gown

Hi there!

I am almost done updating the blog! this is the new release available for the 25 L Tuesday of this week!
Perfect for gorean, medieval and GoT roleplayers..includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha, bracelets, bangles, necklace, mesh shawl, tiara and mesh ballerina blat shoes! Its available in red, blue and purple.
Until thursday, you can get them for just 25 L$ each, but normal price will be 150 L$.

I hope you like them! No credits for this one as the model was a friend and I dont know the shops 

Samhain Fair!!

And here we go with the last fair of this month: the first edition of the Samhain Fair!
This one focuses in Gorean & Fantasy stuff, so if you are a fan of this styles or you love to roleplay..dont miss it!

It runs until October 31 too, and in my stall there, all is at 50 % OFF Sale, even a couple of new releases!!

*Dina: for sexy slaves. Includes sheer camisk, appliers for Lolas and Phat Azz, belt, bracelets and arness. Available in red, white, brown and yellow for just 50 L$ (special price)

* Karma she urt: rags for vagabonds (BTB). Includes mesh tunic in 5 sizes, alpha, scarf, arm warmer, belt and dirty tattoo for full body & face. Available in red, purple and blue. Only 50 L$ there (special price)

Taxi to Samhain Fair!

Skin: Al Vulo Fujiko Red sunkissed
Hair: Liquence F2 in Genetics

Skin: Mynerva Kia Apricot
Hair: Truth Venus Gingers

Boho Culture Fair!!

And another great fair is actually running! You have until the October 31 to get all this goodies for special prices! There is a free aswell there.
Luas is offering all this new releases at the fair, I hope you like them!

* Rosana Outfit: only 75 L$ at the fair (special price). Available in 3 colors!
* Nuala top: only 45 L$ at the fair (special price). Available in 5 colors!
* Nicky top: FREE !!!!
* Sienna Bags: at the Baazar zone for just 20 L$!

Get the taxi and enjoy this stuff.. in addition, so many stores are there offering goodies ^^

Taxi to the Boho Culture Fair

Bitacora Fair!!

Hey sweets!

During this month, Luas is participating in 3 fairs (yes 3..a bit stressing lol). One of them, is the amazing Bitacora Fair, based in the 5 continents. Luas is on Africa, and in this lovely continent you can find elephants, lyons, guepards.. a lovely savanah...and 2 stalls of Luas! The Urban stall has lots of new releases and a gift too..and at the Gorean stall, many items at 50 % OFF Sale!

This are the new releases available at the Fair, the Bitacora collar is free so run and pick your goodies ^^ You have until October 31!

Taxi to Bitacora Travel Fair!


Aww so many time without update the blog ( again) so I have sooo many work. 

I designed Celeste for a past round of the 25 L Tuesday, and is perfect for gorean & roman slaves. Includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, bangles and necklace. Its available in red, white and blue. The price is just 99 L$!

Skin: Al Vulo Fujiko red sunkissed
Hair: Truth Genesis Light blondes


Varma: new for sexy slaves!

And if you want to look as a super sexy slave or bond at your roleplay, Varma is a good choice.
Includes mesh camisk in 7 sizes, perfect to wear with your lolas Tango, nipple piercings, thong, belt, necklace and bracelets. Its available in red, brown and green. 

I designed it for this round of the 25 L Tuesday event, but you can find it at normal price for just 99 Lindens!

Skin: Al Vulo Lyria Dolly Blonde Vanilla
Hair: Truth Genesis Light Blondes

New Releases for the Silicone Event

I was a bit late posting this but you still have 5 days (until 15) to get this new releases for an amazing price at the Silicone event!

Taxi to Silicone Event!

*Denim Dress: includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha and appliers for Lolas tango. Available in grey, blue and black for just 50 L at the Silicone event (special price)

* Left:
Skin: Al Vulo Fujiko red sunkissed
Hair: Wasabi Pills Haley golden

Skin: Al Vulo Aisha sunkissed candy
Hair: Eaters Coma - Hair 30

* Rose Collars: partial mesh collars made with chains and rose jewel. Copy and modify to adapt them to your shapes. Available in silver, golden and black for just 30 Lindens at Silicone!

Skin: Al Vulo Fujiko red sunkissed
Hair: LeLutka Adile

Margaery: another for medieval women

Again many time without updating this blog and I have some stuff to show. I am very sorry for the delay, but I am participating in many fairs, which are about start soon..so I´m crazy designing new stuff.. learning 3ds Max (I hope to start making my own mesh soon ^^) and living my rl. 

Ok..lets start with the new releases, first of all Margaery! An outfit inspired in Game of Thrones. Perfect for ladies and medieval women. Includes mesh skirt, top, mesh vest, tiara, alpha, armor shoulders and bracers. Its available in red, blue, purple and green in my store or in marketplace for just 199 L and you can get the green one at the Gorean Room for just 70 L until the 15 of this month. So run if you havent got it yet!

Skin: Al Vulo Fujiko sunkissed red
Hair: Wasabi Pills Alicia