More new releases for the Fall Fete!!!

Fall Fete fair is still running, and for this Tuesday I designed some more goodies. You can find them there for just 25 L so don´t miss them!!


* Enkara: cute outfit for bonds and slaves. Includes mesh top in 4 sizes, alpha, skirt, cuffs, legwarmers and 2 collars (1 open collar scripted, 1 without scripts). In 3 colors to choose. The price will increase to 150 L when the fair finishes, so don´t forget to pick them at this bargain price!

* Loreto: another versatile dress with an ethnic style. Includes short mesh dress in 5 sizes, which you can wear with the long mesh skirt in 7 sizes included to cover your legs, or just alone to show your body. Complete the look with the cute necklace included, and the non rigged mesh belt. Only 25 L at the fair, then they will cost 150 L so don´t miss them!


Fall Fete is here!!!

Hi sweets!
Today I want to present the Fall Fete fair, organized by the founders of the Fab 25 L Tuesdays. This event starts 23 October and finishes 31 October, and in a same cute sim you can find more than 40 stalls from different stores showing their fantastic stuff, many of them available for just 25 L and Sales. 
This fair is full of events too: hunts, trick or treat day, fashion show, auctions..and more! So you cant stop going there to get your bargains and gifts!!
Then I will post the participant stores, but now... I´m really impatient to show you what I designed for this event!

*Rashida: a partial mesh outfit, with a bit of ethnic style. Includes mesh top in 4 sizes, mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alphas, necklace, mesh gloves in 5 sizes, and headband. Is available only at the Fall Fete for now, for just 25 L in 3 colors to choose: brown, green and beige. I have to say beige is my fav!!

* Roman Girl: this outfit is inspired in ancient ages, and perfect to fall in love with some sexy men like Spartacus!! It can be used like a cute dress to wander in SL too. Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, tiara, sandals, bracelets, alpha and necklace. Its available in 3 colors at the Fall Fete, for just 25L each one.

*Ellaria: another versatile outfit, made for bonds or outlaws. Includes mesh sweater in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, boots, pants and necklace. 3 colors: berry, brown and green. Only 25 L at the Fall Fete!

* Rebeca: and finally I want to present this outfit for FW, perfect for northen girls or even for SL. Includes mesh skirt in 7 sizes, 2 shirts (with cleavage or not), mesh cardigan in 5 sizes, alphas, necklace. Only 25 L at the Fall Fete!

And in my stall you will find many items at 50 % OFF Sale, and 2 KIVA VENDORS, discounted too. The 100 % of the profits of this vendors will be donated to Kiva.org. So purchasing them, you will be helping people who need it :).

Now I will post a list of the participant stores in the Fall Fete event (I hope you wont hate me for this looong post, but I dont want nobody of you missing this fab fair!):

Alice Blue/Habitation | Aaliyah Imari
BELISSIMA | paty larimore
By Baleigh | Baleigh Garden
C&N Gorean  Designs | nuray almodovar
Cynful Designs | Aislynne Melnik
Delicious | Dely Breen & Leire Writer
Dream Things | Pia Uladstron
Dysfunctional Designs | Anke Hatchuk
Fabled | Whispy Karu
Fire Storm Creations | Talton Spiritor
Footpaw Industries | Layla Denver
For F’s Sake! | Cape Weary/Giselle555 Resident
Freya | Tammy Crystal
Gem Designs | Camille Gemini
Gorean Rose | Noemi Azambuja ( co creator Adira Spingflower)
Gor Gurls | Harriet Blaisdale
Gumi’s Flower Shop | Gumi Yao
IMDesigns | Isis Mesmeriser
Luas | AinaraLuas Resident
May’s Soul | May Tolsen
*N@N@* | Natem Andel
On A Lark | Discovering Destiny
Painfully Divine | Nahtasha Uriza
PeKaS Design | kiradark jigsaw
Persnickety | Grace Loudon
Poliak’s Emporium | Robbyn Poliak
Returned Karma | jada Tigerpaw
Roawenwood | Searlait Nitschke
S&S Designs | Lehna Sahara
Sa-eela | Nenya Eun
Sacre Bleu | bleumoon Praga
Severed Heart | Fellah Resident
Silk & Steel | Lilli Breda & Nixon Kytori
Shabby Chick | Noble Darkwatch
Shugah Bug | Joslyn Faith
Sweet Kajira | Bronte Denja /iby Niven/ Bronte  danitz
Sweet Poison | bella Domela
Sweet Sculpts | Alyena Raine
The Kei-Spot | Keiko Zoon
The Sweet Pea | Cloey Scorfield
The Virgin Harlot | Ceri Kesten
Tiar | atiya baar
TOUGH! | Dely Breen & Leire Writer
Torvis Weapons |  Torvis Rainfall
Una | Una daxter
United InshCon |  eldowyn Inshan
Virtual Whimsy |  Harlow Littleboots and Yasmen Blackburn
Whatz | Titania Halasy
Wild Talender | Mandorla Latte
Enjoy the fair and be happy!! 


Fling Fair is starting!!!

Hi sweets!
Today I´m very happy cause the Fling Fair is starting. This event is organized by the 30 L Saturday Founders and, as in past fairs, you can find in a same sim lot of bargains of more than 40 stores, which will offer at least one item for 30 L. 
For this fair, I designed some new outfits, and you can find them there with a special price! The fair starts today 17th and finishes 24th October, so run run and don´t miss the offers!

*Dalla: this partial mesh outfit includes mesh skirt in 7 sizes, alphas, mesh top in 5 sizes, belt, bracelets, bangles and necklace. Only in the fair, you can purchase it for just 75 L (50 % OFF Sale!). In 3 colors

* Isadora silks: really sexy slave outfit, perfect for pleasure slaves. Includes camisk, 2 skirts (long and short), bracelets, leg bands, necklace. Only 30 L in the fair!!!

*Anika: and another bargain for 30 L, available only in the Fling Fair for this amazing price! Includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, mesh socks in 5 sizes, mesh cape in 5 sizes, alphas, legwarmers, bangles and leg band. 


Xio Outfit: New for the 25 L Tuesdays

Hi hi! another great round of the 25 L Tuesday event is running and I made this simple but terribly sexy outfit: Xio! Includes mesh cardigan in 5 sizes (you can use it for wander in SL or to combine with your favourite gowns too), top, thong, tattoo, anklets and necklace Open Collar scripted. Is suited for Gor or Bdsm, and I´m sure men will open their eyes when they see you wearing this outfit.

Envy Panther & Irri Camisk

Hi! Is long ago I dont update the blog, so today I will have a hard work.. 
First of all I want to present an outfit, designed for panthers, bonds, fauns, elfts..Is really versatile! Is a more savage version of the Envy silks outfit, and includes 2 tops, skirt, necklace, bracelets, legband and war paint tattoo for body and face. It was made for the past 25 L Tuesday Round, and now you can find it in my store or ir marketplace for just 75 L. Available in 3 colors: green, brown and black, you can chose the one you like more!

And here is another outfit I designed for the past 25 L Tuesdays: Irri Camisk. Is really simple, and includes mesh camisk in 6 sizes and 2 styles (normal & sheer), alpha, belt, bangles..and animated food bucket, perfect to go to the market and buy food for your Master / Mistress. Now is available for just 50 L in 3 colors.


New Gown: Bertha

Bertha is a gown inspired in Southern ladies of Gor, specially designed for High Castes. It looks like more BTB and includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alpha, modesty, corset, sleeves, ballerina shoes, and veils for head and face. It comes in 3 colors so you can chose: green, blue and red. 
Since last weeks I´m trying to design clothes for other characters, as I was always making kajira clothes, and  ladies and panthers need new clothes too! 
Hmm and I always forget to tell you the price... Only 150 L! Almost a bargain! I hope you like them <3


Rhaenys: new mesh gown!

And another new creation (yess this week I´ve been very busy working and working in new releases...because I had that ideas since time ago and finally I had more free time in RL to work on them). 
Rhaenys is perfect to medieval RP, like FW, northen woman, outlaws, or Game of Thrones rp..Includes modesty, corset, mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh cape in 5 sizes, alphas and arm warmers. In my store or in marketplace you will find 3 colors to chose: dark, brown and red. 150 L only !

Zanahoria: for she urts!!

Some weeks ago a customer asked me to make more she urt clothes..and they are finally here! This suit is based in Zanahoria (means "carrot") and it was one of my favourite roleplay characters. I played like her only some months, but was really funny and I enjoyed this a lot. 
This outfit includes mesh shirt in 5 sizes, skirt, leg warmers, scarf, hoodie, pants, alpha, dirty tattoo for all body and face and hobo stick with animation, perfect to save your goodies!. Is carefully decorated with patches and old textures to get a really dirty look. It comes in 3 colors to choose: wine, teal and brown, and you can get it for just 150 L


New New New! Camisk!

Hey there!
This past weekend I´ve been working in the suit for the 25 L Tuesdays. As many of you know, I like to design something new for the 25 L Tuesdays event, and this was time for making some warmy for the coming autumn and winter. Tospit includes top, skirt, mesh poncho in 5 sizes, alphas, mesh socks in 5 sizes and bracelets. Normal price will be 99 L so visit my store today and save 75 L!

Tyene: new mesh dress!

Hi all!
I wanted to build a simple dress, suitable for Gor, medieval or Game of Thrones RP or even for wander in SL. Is perfect to go to the beach, Ibiza parties..etc. Every pack includes mesh dress in 5 sizes and 2 styles (normal, sheer), flowers crown, flowers bracelets, ribbon for the chest and alpha. And it´s a bargain! Only 50 L ! You can get it in 3 different colors: white, blue or rose.