Selyse Silks!

A new elegant and sexy silks are available to purchase in mainstore or marketplace. Selyse includes non rigged mesh top (modify), skirt, bangles, belt with bell sound (optional) and necklace with Open collar scripts. Three colors to chose: red, blue and lavender. Only 99 L!


Melisandre: Inspired in Game of Thrones

As you can imagine, I´m totally adicted to Game of Thrones (and I am reading the books too actually). So I decided to build an outfit inspired in one of the characters I like more: Melisandre, the Red Priestess. This gown includes shirt, alpha layer, mesh skirt in 5 sizes (remember to try the Demo before pleasee), sandals, necklace, sleeves and red eyes to complete your look. The price is amazing too: only 99 L

In the picture I wore a hair from Dela. Is the first time I bought in that store and is just amazing. The red colours are lovely too. Another hair shop to add to my favourites!


A new Outfit: Daira!!

Daira is a versatile outfit. It works for panthers and slaves. With an ethnic inspired style, includes non rigged mesh top (modify), non rigged mesh skirt (modify), bracelets, leg warmers and necklace. Available in 3 colors: brown, red and green. I´m sure you will look very cute with this new release. I designed it for the 25 L Tuesday round, but you can find it for normal prize in my store or in marketplace for just 99 L.


Aretha: new release for the 25 L Tuesday

For this round of the amazing event 25 L Tuesday I designed a new mesh camisk, ethnic inspired too (this last weeks Im building a lot of ethnic style clothes!). Aretha includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha layer, skirt, bangles and necklace. Only this Tuesday, will be available in my store for 25 L, normal price will be cheap anyway: 99 L. I really hope you like this both outfits.


Lorathi: New!!

And another sexy design for all you my dear customers! This outfit is inspired in Tahari or Arabic culture, and I´m very happy with the result. As the outfit comes with many accessories, you can choose the style to use it. Includes non rigged mesh top, necklace, veil, bracelets, bangles, foot chains, rigged mesh pants in 5 sizes, belt, nipple piercings, face jewel and alpha layer. You can have it for just 150 L and I really hope you like it! 
Note: remember to try the DEMO available in marketplace or my store before purchase to try the size of the pants!

Dothraki: Inspired in Game of Thrones!

Yes I love the TV serie of "Game of Thrones" and the books are really fantastic. Yesterday I wanted to design something for the Dothraki women, those what go with the Khaleesi Daenerys. I think I will build more clothes for this game cause they can be wear for Gor or Medieval RP too. This outfit includes top, sandals, mesh pants in 5 sizes, necklace, arm warmers and tattoo with dirtyness for all your body. I advise all you to try the DEMO before purchase it, so you can try the sizes of the pants to see if they fit to your shape. Available for just 99 L in my store in world or marketplace! 


Return from my holidays and..new outfit!

Hi sweets! My holidays finished :(( altought I enjoyed a lot in my trip. Two days ago I returned and I wanted to design something new, ethnic inspired..in this is the result! Nymeria includes non rigged mesh top (that means you can modify it like a sculpt), rigged mesh skirt in 5 sizes (remember to try the demo before purchase), bangles, belt, necklace, sandals, and headband. All for only 150 L! and you can chose between red, brown or purple...or purchase them all xD
Hope you are enjoying too if you are on holidays. Kisses!