New Clothes Line: Urban Style

Hi there!
I am happy to present a new clothes line : Urban Style. That means, now at Luas you can find not only stuff for fantasy / medieval / gorean roleplay, but also clothes for casual and urban style too. 

The concept of the store is the Mix & Match, so you can find different pieces of clothing with different patterns and colors, mix them as you like and get your own style. The outfits are mostly inspired in RL fashion clothes (yes, I love fashion in RL too and I´m always visiting shops..and shopping..and yes, my boyfriend hates me for this xD)

As always, Luas always tries to offer affordable prices, cause the concept of chic & cheap is my motto! 

Actually, at the store in world you can find a gift for group members, a navajo mesh scarf in brown color, so run there and take your gift <3

Now Im going to show you some of the stuff you can find at the Luas Urban Style shop, and I really hope you like them!



Belly Dancer: new release!

Belly Dancer is a new release outfit for the 25 L Tuesday ´s event. 
It´s inspired in arabic / gorean dancers, and includes all you need to wear while dancer for your Master : mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, necklace, bracelets, bangles, anklets and earrings!
During this Tuesday, you can get it for the amazing price of 25 L, normal price will be 150 L, so run to the store if you want to miss this sale!
And..these are the last days of the Crazy Days Sales at Luas, so if you didnt yet, take a look to the store, cause many stuff is at 50 % OFF Sale and you can really get bargains :).

Alexa : new for sexy bonds!!

If you want a really sexy and warmy look... Alexa can be a perfect choice! This outfit includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, panty, boots, arm warmers, necklace, fur boa and belt. It´s available in 3 colors: brown, red and black, for the amazing price of 99 L


Melitta: new roman / greek gown!

Melitta is inspired in ancient couture, so is perfect if you roleplay in a Roma or Greece based sim. But it´s cute for gorean slaves too if you want to use it!
Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alphas, non rigged mesh belt (modify), non rigged mesh bracelets and bangles (modify) and necklace (sculpted). Its available in red, blue and purple.
As I designed it for the 25 L Tuesday round, during only today you can get it for just 25 Lindens! Normal price will be 150 L. I hope you like them!

Uxia: new release for Ladies!

Uxia is a new release for Gorean Ladies and medieval women. I designed this outfits for the 25 L Tuesday round, so only during today you can get the for as little as 25 Lindens!
Outfit includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh blouse in 5 sizes, alphas, belt, non rigged mesh ballerina shoes (modify) and veil. It´s available in 5 colors: blue, red, green, brown and purple. Normal price will be 99 L so run today to the store and afford your money :)

Crazy Days Sales!!!

During 18th to 28th February, in our sim we are celebrating the Crazy Days Sales!
In my store Luas, you will find lot of stuff (clothes, accessories.) at 50 % OFF Sale. So you can get outfits and other items for as little as 25L, 35L, 50L or 75L!
Every vendor discounted is marked with a 50% OFF Sign, so they are so easy to find. Just go to the mainstore in world, cover the different zones of the shop (kajira zone, panther zone, accessorie zone, lady zone), choose the stuff you want and get it for a little price!



Ava: Perfect for Fantasy roleplay!

And here we go with my lastest release (altought I am actually working in the news for the 25 L Tuesday hihihi ).
Spring is near (and I really want it comes fast!), so I designed this cute outfits with lots of flowers! Includes mesh pants in 5 sizes and 2 styles (normal and sheer), mesh top in 5 sizes and 2 styles (normal, sheer), alphas, flowers belt, flowers crown and flowers bracelet.
With this outfit, you will have a different harem style, perfect for fantastic roleplay, or even slaves. 
Available in 3 colors in my store in world or in marketplace, for only 150 L!

Turian Girl : for Gorean Room!

Hello flowersss!

Another round of the Gorean Room event is running now, and I designed this super sexy silks, inspired in Turian slaves, for this round. 
The red one is available in the Gorean Room for just 50 L (50 % OFF Sale), but you can find the outfit in yellow (perfect for tavern slaves!) and teal in my mainstore at normal price: 99 L. 
This silks pack includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, skirt, bracelets, long necklace, leg cuffs, short necklace with Open Collar scritps and animated pitcher to wear in your hand!
I hope you like them, and don´t forget to visit the Gorean Room to take a look to all the cute stuff you can find there :)

Burning: a heart full of Love!!

Hi there!!
I hope you all enjoyed your St. Valentine´s day! I designed this cute outfit for the past round of the 25 L Tuesday, and it comes in 2 versions: with hearts, perfect to wear in that "romantic" days, and normal, to wear the rest of the days! Includes mesh corset in 5 sizes and 2 styles, 2 skirts in 2 styles, mesh socks in 5 sizes, alphas, bracelets and necklace Open Collar scripted. It´s available in brown, blue and black, and the "heart" versions have a cute red heart on it. 
Now you can find it in marketplace or in my store inworld for just 99 L!


Melke: new silks!!

This is my lastest release: Melke!
This outfits has been designed thinking of not only slaves but fairies, elfs, fauns.. Definitely, for gorean or fantasy roleplay. Includes camisk, skirt, headband, bracelets and necklace. You can find it in 3 colors: red, white and purple, for only 99 L!
I hope you like them :)

Simply Me!! (I am back!)

Hi there!!!

Today I am very happy because now my NET is back (as many of you know, I moved to other house so I had to move my net to it too..and I´ve been waiting for a couple of weeks). But now it´s done and I want to make many new stuff (as soon as I return from Tenerife, I go to the Carnival there tomorrow! <3).

Well.. Now I´m going to show you one of my lastest releases. I designed this outfit for the past 25 L Tuesday round and it´s perfect for bonds and sexy slaves. Includes mesh corset in 5 sizes, alpha, 2 skirts (long and short), mesh scarf & hoodie in 3 sizes, normal top, applier for Lolas Tango mesh breast, mesh boots, bracelets and legband. You can get it in 3 colors: brown, green and red, now for only 99 L in my store or in marketplace!