Dracaris Black & pink : new at Suicide doll

If you remember the Dracaris armor and you liked it.. now there it´s available in other colors: black and pink!

Its available for now at the Suicide Doll event, but soon will be available too at my store.. but there you can get it at 50 % OFF Sale! Only 50 L$ there..

Taxi to Suicide Doll event

Skin: Skinnery quiana bronze
Hair: Lelutka

Warrior shields

Hi hi!

Again, many time without updating the blog but actually my time is really limited, as you can see I am learning and learning blender and it takes many hours.. 

I made this warrior shields for a past round of the 30 L Saturday, cause they asked stuff for guys or unisex too.. so I thougth some shields could be a good point. 

They are original mesh, available in 3 colors: black, golden and silver, and copy and modify so you can easily change the size. Now they are available at my store in world or in marketplace for just 99 L$ each one!


Elvira: New at The Countdown Room!

Hi hi!

This jewelry set is available at The Countdown Room event during only 1 week at 50 % OFF Sale! Includes necklace, crown and pauldrons, all original mesh. 

It´s perfect to mix and match with your dresses for roleplay or just for the SL mainstream, cause is really versatile and you can use the pieces you like every time. Available in golden, silver and black for just 50 L$ each (remember, is a discounted price ^^)

Taxi to The Countdown Room event

Skin: The Skinnery Quiana bare face - toffee
Hair: Lelutka Maleficient 

Nekane Outfit: New at my store!


I made Nekan outfit for this round of the 25 L Tuesday, but if you missed them yesterday you still have a chance cause they are at my store for just 25 L$ each!

Outfit includes mesh dress in 5 sizes and 2 colors, alpha, belt, necklace and blangles. Available in 3 different packs. I hope you like them!

Skin: Skinnery Quiana Bare face - toffee
Hair: Little Bones West Coast


New at Suicide Doll event!

Hey sweets!

A new round of the Suicide Doll event started, and Luas is offering there a super cute original mesh hats, perfect to get a vintage look. 
There are four colors to chose, and each one only costs 75 L$! You wont find same at anyplace, since is my original creation. I hope you like them!

Taxi to Suicide Doll event

Skin: Essences Paris 02 Lightrose
Hair: Moon Still cold blondes


Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Yayyy so a new round of the great event Fantasy Gacha Carnival started yesterday, so if you love fantasy and medieval stuff, you cant miss this fair, where you can find lots of gachas from amazing creators! BTW, in this fair all is original stuff.. so you cant find that items at the marketplace actually. Event runs during all this month, so if now you find the sim is full..you can come later! But dont miss it.. ^^

For this round, Luas is offering a new release in 2 gacha machines, perfect to wear alone or mix and match then with other items. 

Dark swan is an original mesh outfit. One gacha includes the pauldrons and the skirts, and other includes the armors and the crowns (the crowns are only rares!). Each play costs 50 L$ only, so I really hope you enjoy this outfit!

Taxi to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Skin : The Skinnery Quiana Bare face (toffee)
Hair: Liquence F8

Fantasy Room!

Hi! today starts a new season of the Fantasy Room event, and you can find lot of goodies there, from 25 stores! All are new releases, you can get them for amazing prices as 50, 70 or 100 L$ only! 

At my stall there, you can find some rigged mesh legwarmers, perfect for panthers or slaves! The are full rigged, includes 5 sizes and alphas, and pack includes too some matching bangles and legbands (unrigged, so you can easily modify the size). All is original mesh made by myself.

There are 4 colors available there, only for 50 L$ each!

Taxi to Fantasy Room event