Karina: New release for the Gorean Room!!

Hi beauties!!

Tomorrow starts a new round of the Gorean Room event, and I designed this outfit perfect for bonds or outlaws in dark colors! Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alphas, mesh warmers 5 sizes, fur boa, face tattoo, nipple piercings and collars (with open collar scripts and without it, so you can choose).
Only at the Gorean Room you can get it for as little as 50 Lindens! In my store you can find it in brown color too, but normal price is 150 L


Urban Style new releases!!

Hi there!
In my country the summer is near (or should i say the spring? cause the cold and the rain are still with us.) But well, in SL we can enjoy the weather we want so I´m already feeling the spirit of the summer and I designed this 2 outfits perfect for enjoy the sunny days!

** Mel Dress Pack:
This is a complete pack of dresses (they are not for sale separatly). The pack includes 4 different patterns: owl, cross, indian and ethnic. Perfect to use like dress or like a long tank with shorts, pants or skirt! Six sizes are included in the pack and an alpha layer for a perfect fit. 150 Lindens only!

** Tamara Dress: 
With a spanish style! In beautiful colors, includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha and sculpted hair accessory (a beautiful flower to complete your look). Its available in pink, blue and green, for only 90 L each!


New for Stuff in Stock!!

Hi hi!!

Another great round of the Stuff in Stock event starts today!! It will be running during until June 9th, so dont forget to visit the room and check out the nice discounted items you can find there!

For this round I designed:

* Petra Romper: perfect outfit for the summer! Includes mesh romper in 5 sizes, alpha and non rigged mesh belt (modify). Its available in 4 patterns: pink, navajo, batik and navy. Only 50 Lindens at SiS!
If you like the pose in the vendor picture, you can get it at Zipi Posses! Its super cute, love it :)

* Spikes Jewels: this year, we see this time of jewels in RL all the time... and I really love them! So I decided to make them in SL too! This jewelry pack includes necklace, bracelet and earrings. Get it at SiS event for just 50 Lindens!


Servant: New Outfit inspired in Roma!

Hi there flowers!

For this round of the 25 L Tuesday (its today, so run run to get them for the discounted price!), I designed this outfit, perfect for gorean or roman slaves. 
Servant includes rigged mesh tunic in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, necklace, earrings and bracelets with optional bell sound. Its available in red, teal and brown, and only today you can get it at the amazing price of 25 Lindens! Totally a bargain! Normall price will be 99 Lindens (affordable yet ^^ )


Iria: for super cute free / medieval women!

Hi hi sweets!!
Dont you remember the cute red ridding hoodie costume when you see Iria outfit? Cause it reminds me it!
I designed this outfit for the past round of the 25 L Tuesday, and i think is perfect for medieval, free women, Game of Thrones roleplay.. 
Outfit includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh bolero in 5 sizes, mesh hoodie in 3 sizes, alphas, corset and modesty. 
Available in red, blue and green. Normal price is 150 Lindens!

Urban Style : New Releases!

Hi hi!
Today I´m going to show you a couple of new releases for my urban style store. 
I should say, Im not doing many stuff this days; the spring has come now (yeah, a bit late!) and I want to go out, walk in the parks, enjoy reading a book under a tree and..... Buying more clothes for my RL wardrobe (Yes, im a bit addicted to fashion in RL). 
Well.... Going to write about the store  finally... xD

This past week was time for tights and leggings! Always amazing to mix and match with shirts, jackets, heels, boots, blazers... 

* Aida Leggings Pack:
This pack includes rigged mesh leggins in 5 sizes and alpha for a perfect fit. The leggings has zipper to look more "punk" !
The pack includes 6 tones: navy gilt, purple leopard, pinky, red safari, stripes and bicolor. Only 100 Lindens the complete pack!

* Adriana Leggings Pack: same leggings than Aida ones, but this time in plain leather textures!
5 Sizes included and alpha layer too. Six colors on the pack: black, red, brown, blue, pink and purple. Only 100 Lindens the pack!

* Funny tights pack: other pack of tights, this time with funny patterns! Includes clothing tights (not mesh, is socks and underpants) in 5 different patterns: pink tartan, stars apple, purple swirls, black strips, and colorful stars. Only 50 Lindens!


Dafne for Gorean Room

Yeh flowers!!

Another great round of the Gorean Room starts today... And yes, Im stressed!! I´ve been designing a lot because so many events started this days: 25 L Tuesday, Gorean Room, Stuff in Stock.. 
So I hope to be a bit quiet now so I finally start to learn to build mesh, or read, or go shopping in RL.. or sleep! xD.
Well, this is the outfit I designed for the Gorean Room...and really I like it a lot. It has a touch of ethnic style, mixed with jewels to complete your look. Includes mesh top in 5 sizes, mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alphas, belt, bracelets, bangles, necklace and earrings. At the Gorean Room, you can get it for only 50 Lindens! 

And..... well I only designed it for now in brown colour, but I hope to make it in more. So please make comments and tell me 2 colors you prefer for this outfit. The most voted will be the new colors for it!!


Stuff in Stock..New round!!

Hey there sweets!!

Another round of the amazing Stuff in Stock event started yesterday, and I want to show you the new releases I designed for the event!

* Yummy Dress:
Super sexy dress, perfect to show your body! The pack includes rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes and 2 colors (pink and black), alpha for a perfect fit and appliers for Lolas Tango Mesh breast!. Only in the Stuff in Stock, you can get it for just 50 Lindens!

*Lexi Backpack:
This adorable non rigged mesh backpacks are copy and modify. They are available in 5 colors (pink, yellow, white, fluor green and blue) for only 30 Lindens each! A completly bargain so dont miss them!



New Release for the 25 L Tuesday!

Yes I know, its incredible I posted the stuff available for this round of the 25 L Tuesday one day before!! 
So here you have a preview of the outfit you will find tomorrow at my store for just 25 L!
Tallulah is inspired in native couture, perfect for red savages, ethnic women, or even like camisk if you want to use it! In addition includes lot of lovely accessories that would work amazing for a panther girl, cause the feathers!
Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha, feathers crown, anklet bands, bracelets, necklace and face tattoo. You can get it in brown, beige and green. During this Tuesday, only 25 Lindens. Normal price will be 150 Lindens. Hope you like it!

Spring Skirt: new!

In my urban line you can find this new rigged mesh skirt, perfect for the spring! Its designed with lovely soft floral textures, perfect to mix and match with your fav tops, shirts.. 
Includes rigged mesh skirt in 5 sizes and alpha for a perfect fit, and its available in pink, blue, mint and cream, for only 50 Lindens each!


Many new stuff at Luas Urban Style!!

And a quick post to show you all the new releases you can find at my urban style store! All they are for mix and match and with affordable prices so you can look cute for a  few money. I hope you like them :)

* Olivia Bags:
Non rigged mesh bags (modify) with animation! Its available in ethnic, pink, vintage, red and green for only 60 L each

* Ylenia Tank Tops: rigged mesh studded tank tops in different colors. Each one includes 5 sizes + alpha + flexi mesh (read notecard inside the pack to know about it). Its available in pink, black, green and comic. Only 60 L each!

* Lona Boots: non rigged mesh boots (modify) with alpha and shoe base for a perfect fit. Brown boots are plain in suede texture and the pink, blue and green have a lovely floral texture, perfect for a vintage look! 70 Lindens each color.

Giselle: New release for the 25 L Tuesdays!

I designed this new outfits for the always amazing event "25 L Tuesdays". Its perfect for bonds and slaves, and its really sexy! Includes camisk, mesh skirt in 7 sizes, alpha, short top, applier for lolas tango mesh breast, belt, bracelets, bangles, necklace and anklet bands. This Tuesday it was available for just 25 L, but normal price is 120 Lindens, a bargain anyway! Available in teal, red and black.

Vendetta: New outfit for Outlaws, elvens..!

Vendetta is one of the lastest releases at Luas, in the Gorean & Fantasy line. Is perfect for elven warriors, outlaws, mercenaries and I think is just perfect for roleplay. Includes mesh jacket in 5 sizes, mesh belt in 5 sizes, alphas, mesh boots, pants, eye patch. Available in brown, oxblood and black for only 150 Lindens each color!


XY Room : New Round!!

And... another great round of the XY Room event is starting too! This round is a bit different, because many designers have a plus of Gatcha Items! That means when you play Gatcha, you will receive a random color or model, but as they are transfer, you can give them as a gift to your friends and continue playing. Of course, Gatcha items have very affordable prices :).

For this round I designed a normal item ( a pack of 2 shirts with animal print) and for the Gatcha machine, some super cute kawaii clock pendants.
The Animal shirts pack includes mesh shirt in 5 sizes and 2 colors : grey with wolf print and green with tiger print, and an alpha layer for a perfect fit. Its available for just 50 L the complete pack.
The Kawaii clock pendants are available only at the Gatcha machine for 25 L each play. There are 7 different models, dont you want to collect them all ? <3