25 Lindens Holiday Fair


And again is this time of the year we love (or not xD) and it means the annual fair of the 25 Linden Tuesdays!

Many merchants are participating in this fair, which runs from December 9 -13 (yes a bit short so run run if you dont want to miss the goodies!) and you can find gifts, Gachas with new releases, stuff for 25 Lindens and much much more!

Luas is offering some new releases for just 25 Lindens and other new release in a Gacha machine for just 25 Lindens each try. Enjoy!!

*Samantha Silks: complete outfit for sexy slaves. Includes appliers for Lolas, Phat azz and brazilia..and many jewels! 

Taxi to Holiday Bazaar fair!

*Titania Dress:
Many of my customers asked me for more colors for this dress so I decided  to make some and release them for this fair..Hope you like them!

*Inferno Fur Shoulders: at the Gacha machine! Collect them all!

Skin: Al Vulo berry sunkissed (in all picts)
1st pict (Samantha): Truth Genesis Ligthblondes
2nd pict (Titania): Lelutka Aphrodite
3st pict (Inferno Fur shoulders): Laviere nadia (collarbor88)

Jewelry & Accessory Expo!

Hiya sweets!

We are finishing with the last events of the year before 2013 is over.. and one is the amazing Jewelry & Accessory expo!
It runs from 6 to 21 december and there are so many well known stores participating there! 

Luas is offering some new releases and a freebie too!

* Winter Shoulder pads: fatpack with winter shoulders in 6 colors! perfect to mix and match with your fav clothes. Copy and modify. Only 100 Lindens!

* Samira Boots: it comes in 2 differnte packs, with funny colors or basic colors. Each pack includes non rigged mesh boots and a hud for change the texture (4 different colors in each pack). Only 150 Lindens!

* No more Tears face chains: available in the Gacha machine there, only 50 Lindens each game

* Kawaii Earmuffs: Free at the fair!

Taxi to Jewelry & Accessory expo

- First pict (kawaii earmuffs):
 Skin: Al Vulo Arya Saphire milk
 Hair: Laviere Nadia Platinum (at Collabor88)
- Second Pict (No more tears facechain)
 Skin: Al vulo Berry sunkissed with red lip (included)
 Hair: Lelutka Aphrodite
- Last pict (Winter shoulder pads)
 Skin: Al vulo berry sunkissed with red lip (included)
 Hair: Lelutka Beth hair


New release at Silicone!

Tomorrow (December 1 ) starts a new round of the Silicone event, and I designed this super sexy and cute lingerie packs!

Each pack includes top, panty, appliers for Lolas, Phaz Azz and Brazilia butt, a super cute sleeping mask and a bunny doll with animation to wear it! You can get them for only 90 lindens there! So run tomorrow to take a look 

Taxi to Silicone

Hair: Wasabi Pills Betty
Skin: Al Vulo Virginia sunkissed
Hair: Truth 
Skin: Al vulo Berry sunkissed

Winter Trend SL Fair!!

Hi peeps!!

And Luas is participating in the great Winter Trend SL fair, which you will find some of the most well known and amazing stores on the grid. You can find skins, shapes, accessories, clothes, hairs, furniture, poses, and more..! All are offering new releases and some..gifts! So dont miss the fair to get your wardobre ready for this winter. 

Luas is offering some new releases with great prices, as usually!

*Lucilla Boots: in soft warmy colors, perfect for all year. Non rigged mesh, so you can easily modify the size. Includes alpha and shoe base for a perfect fit. Available in 6 colors for just 100 Lindens each!

* Crop Sweater: warmy sweater! Its mesh, with 4 sizes includes and alpha. Available in 5 colors for just 50 Lindens each!

* Bera Shawls: cozy long mesh shawls, with hud for change texture. Choose between 6 colors! Only 100 Lindens

Fair runs from november 29 to december 6, so be sure you take this taxi and go to take the taxi and run there ... and in my stall you can find a FREEBIE too near to the Christmas Tree!

Taxi to Winter Trend Fair

Inara Facechains: new for Gacha!!


Since yesterday was the Black Friday I designed this facechains for a Gacha machine, so you can get them for the amazing price of 25 Lindens each play!

There are 8 commons, in 2 different styles, and 2 rares! Remember, they are no copy but transfer, so you can trade them to get the color or style you like, or just give as a present for this Christmas! They will be available during this weekend so run to my store inworld to get them 
 I hope you like them <3

Skin Al vulo berry sunkissed with teeth make up (included)
Hair: Lelutka Aphrodita lightblondes


I loved this camisk.. Melinda is an outfit perfect for gorean and roman slaves. Includes mesh camisk in 7 sizes, alpha, belt, necklace, bracelets and tiara. 
Its available in red, blue and purple, for just 75 Lindens..a special price!

I hope you like them as much as I like!

Skin: Al Vulo Fujiko sunkissed
Hair: Lelutka Lorella fades

News at Gacha machine!!

So again folks, I am updating the blog a bit late..so the 30 L Gacha fling fair is already over. But if you missed it, no worries! Cause the new releases I made for this event are still available in my store at gacha machines, for just 50 Lindens each game. I hope you like them!

Skins: Al Vulo Berry sunkissed (the first one with Red lip makeup and the second one pict with teeth make up, included in the skin pack)
Hair: Lelutka Lorella Fades


Henna Tattoos & Hura panther outfit!


All this stuff is available today at my store in world for just 25 Lindens ( for the 25 L Tuesday event).
So run run and dont miss this goodies

*Hura Panther: Includes mesh body suit in 5 sizes, alpha, skirt, chest armor and bracelets. Available in ost, larl and tabuk skins.

* Henna Tattoos: complete pack of tattoos layers. Includes appliers for Lolas Tango, Phat Azz and Brazilia mesh ass. Two colors included in the pack (white and brown)

Skin: Al Vulo natural berry sunkissed
- Henna Tattoos: Lelutka Lorella fades
- Hura outfit: Wasabi pills Erika

New event: Suicide Doll!!

And a new event started: The Suicide doll!
As they say, the theme Suicide Dollz wants to approach can be anything from sexy, naughty, slutty, bitchy, dirty, kinky, rock/goth to fetishes of all kinds.
We want to offer a location where designers can sell items they cannot sell at any other event and/or try to experiment with different styles and find their inner Suicide Doll.

So for this first round, I designed a couple of things..one of them is free there! So you just need to join the Suicide Doll group and get the goodies (glasses)

Sweety outfit dress is available there for just 100 Lindens each color. Includes mesh outfit in 5 sizes, alpha and hair ribbon. Its available in pink, purple, red and green.
Dont miss them!

Taxi to Suicide Doll event

* Angy Glasses:
Skin Al vulo berry natural sunkissed 
Hair: Lelutka beth Hair

* Sweety Outfit:
- Left:
Skin: Al vulo Virginia Sunkissed
Hair: Wasabi Pills Betty Hair
- Rigth:
Skin: Al vulo berry natural sunkissed
Hair: Lelutka Adile

New Releases at Silicone!

A new round of the Silicone event started again, so if you love the boob implants.. You should go there and check the new goodies!

For this round, Luas is offering a rigged mesh dress in 7 sizes and alpha, which comes in 2 different packs (softs and darks) with a hud for change color. You can choose between 5 different colors in each pack!
All includes appliers for Lolas Tango.
You can get each pack for as little as 100 Lindens there

Taxi to Silicone!

 * Left:
Skin: Al  Vulo Berry natural sunkissed with red lipp tattoo
Hair: Lelutka Lorella Fades
Necklace: Amorous Conquistador
* Right:
Skin : Al vulo virginia
Hair: Exile Miu Vanilla
Accessories: Luas (bangle from Luas Leire outfit and bracelet from Luas Talena outfit)


Singer Icon Fair!!

And yesterday started a new fair, called Singer Icon Fair. It´s organized by the Stuff in Stock event group and it runs since 11 to 30 november. 
There are many participant stores, many new releases with nice prices...and many gifts! So you can´t miss this great event :)

Taxi to Singer Icon Fair

I designed so many new stuff for the fair, most inspired in punk looks cause I really love that kind of music:

* Glam Skirt: cute skirt with hud for change the color of the skirt and the zippers, so you can mix and match them to get the look you want! 6 colors to choose at the skirt, and 6 colors at the zipper. Only 150 L.

Skin Al vulo Berry natural sunkissed 
Lips Al vulo Berry red lip sunkissed (included in the skin pack)
Hair: LeLutka Beth Hair
Tattoo: DP Stay True Tattoo
Bracelets: Amourous
Hands: SLink
Shirt: Luas Kore Outfit

* Lady Rider Biker Jacket: bicolor rock jacket, perfect for rider girls! Includes mesh jacket in 5 sizes and alpha for a perfect fit. Available in black, pink, green, red and blue for just 70 L$ each!

Credits (left girl only)
Skin: Al Vulo berry natural sunkissed (with red lipstick Berry from Al vulo too)
Hair: leLutka beth Hair
Skirt: Luas Cindy outfit skirt black

* Gaga Dress: super cute dresses, perfect for a sweet look! Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, and alpha for a perfect fit. Available in pink, blue, black and yellow for just 100 L each!

Skin: Al Vulo berry Natural sunkissed
Hair: Truth Candy Lightblonde
Headband: Luas Nicy Headband
Skin: Al Vulo Aisha sunkissed
Hair: Exile- Desesperatly wanting
Headband with ears Half Deer

*Punk top: and I almost forgot to show you this one..Is free there at the fair! Go to my stall and pick it if you like it <3

Adalind: new release!

Today I am going to show you the outfits that are available today in my store for the 25 L Tuesday.
As usually, Luas is offering a new release, this time perfect for roman & gorean slaves. Includes a rigged mesh tunic in 5 sizes, alpha, thong, appliers for Phaz Azz mesh butt, necklace, earrings and bangles. 
Is perfect to mix and match with other clothes to create an unique look.
Available in red, blue and purple, during today you can get it for as little as 25 Lindens! Normal price will be a bargain anyway, just 99 L$

Skin: Al Vulo Berry natural sunkissed
Hair: Lelutka Aphrodite


New Releases at Silicone event!

And a new round of the Silicone event has started, so if you are a fan of mesh boobs you can´t miss this event!
For this round I made this stuff:

*Sexy Days: pack with dress in clothing layers in 5 colors. Includes appliers for Lolas Tango and Phat Azz. 100 L at the event!

* Barby: super sexy outfit pack! Includes top, applier for Lolas Tango and mesh skirt in 5 sizes. Includes 5 colors too! 100 Lindens at the event

Taxi to Silicone

* Sexy Days:
Skin: Al Vulo Berry natural Sunkissed
Hair: Wasabi Pills Betty Golden

* Barby Outfit:
- Left:
Skin: Al Vulo Virginia Sunkissed
Hair: Wasabi Pills Joy 
- Right:
Skin: Al Vulo Lyria Dolly Vanilla
Hair: Liquence F2 In Genetics
Accessories (hairband, mouse for mouth and blush): Luas Kuki

Rianna Sirik!!

I always wanted to make some outfit with sirik so I decided to make this one for the 25 L Tuesday event!
Rianna includes mesh harness and mesh panty in 5 sizes each, and cuffs for arms and anklets with chain sirik!
It´s available in red, brown and black for just 99 L$ now!

Skin: Al vulo Berry natural sunkissed 
Lolas Tango Mesh boobs
Hair: Lelutka Lorella

Lady Belcebú: new at Gorean Room event!


This round of the Gorean room is more terrifying since Halloween was so near.. and I decided to make something to show our dark side!

Lady Belcebu includes mesh vest, headpiece with horns, shoulder pads, and bikini with appliers for Lolas Tango and Phat Azz (mesh ass ^^). You can find it at the Gorean Room event for as little as 70 Lindens! Special price 

Taxi to Gorean Room

Skin Al Vulo Ewa Vampire pearl (Dressing Room)
Hair: Truth Genesis Light Blondes

Dulcida: do you like punk style?

And this is one of my lastest releases at my urban store: Dulcida outfit!
Includes an outfit with shirt and skirt with suspenders, perfect for good or bad girls depending of the style you use!
It comes in 5 sizes and includes an alpha for a perfect fit. Its available in tartan, denim & pink, wool and leather and you can get them for just 100 L$ each!

Skin: Al Vulo Lyria Dolly Vanilla
Hair: Liquence F3 in natural fades

Ines: new for bonds!

Hey sweets!!!

Again, so many time without update this so..its time to show the new releases!

Let´s start with Ines, one outfit for slaves / bonds. I designed it for a past round of the 25 L Tuesday, but nowdays the price is still amazing since you can get it for just 99 L$ at my store in world or marketplace.
Includes mesh camisk, alpha, socks, legwarmers, bracers, fur boa and collar. Its available in red, green and purple.

Skin: Al Vulo Lyria Dolly Vanilla
Hair: Wasabi Pills Stella


Halloween Hunt at Cies Island sim!!


The shops of our sim (Torvis, Una, May soul, Flecha, Axxis.. and myself ^^) are preparing a hunt to celebrate Halloween and thanks our customer for being here all year 
It starts on Saturday 26 october and runs until november 6!
You only need to look for the pumpkins and get your gift!

Since that weekend I will be traveling, I show you know the gift you will get on that funny hun..I hope you like it <3

And have...an amazing and horrorific Halloween Day!

Skin: Al Vulo Lyria Dolly Blonde Vainilla
Hair: Truth Genesis Light Blondes

Titania : New medieval Gown

Hi there!

I am almost done updating the blog! this is the new release available for the 25 L Tuesday of this week!
Perfect for gorean, medieval and GoT roleplayers..includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha, bracelets, bangles, necklace, mesh shawl, tiara and mesh ballerina blat shoes! Its available in red, blue and purple.
Until thursday, you can get them for just 25 L$ each, but normal price will be 150 L$.

I hope you like them! No credits for this one as the model was a friend and I dont know the shops