Fantasy Gatcha Carnival!!!


Today starts the new but fab event called "Fantasy Gatcha Carnival".
I´m sure all of you know how the Gatchas work actually.. This event isnt different at all, but all items are focused in fantasy stuff so you can use them for your daily roleplay outfits!!
Many of well known stores are participating and the prices are just amazing! Just 25, 50 or 75 Lindens per try, and you always win something! Remember, you can gift the prizes you get, or trade them to get the color you want..its very funny!!

This event runs since 31 July to 21 August, and here is the TAXI!:

For this event I designed all this:

*Altea Jewels: a lovely jewelry pack! Includes belt, nipple piercings, bracelets and necklace. All modify and with resizer so you can easily fit them to your shape. Available in 6 normal colors: saphire, ruby, emerald, amber, amethyst and turquoise, and 2 rares: gold and onyx! Only 50 Lindens per try!!

*Emy Warmers: only 25 L per try! Non rigged mesh legwarmers. Available in 6 normal styles: white, brown, darks, green, purple and red, and 2 rares: sweet and combat!

Duna: new Gorean Release!!


I designed this outfit for this week´s round of the 25 L Tuesdays event. 
Duna is perfect for gypsy, peasants, poor women, she urts, wandering girls.. etc. Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh vest in 6 sizes, mesh arm warmers, alphas, sandals, top, scarf and appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breast! Its available in brown, blue and green and until friday (yes, a couple of days more ^^) you can get them for as little as 25 Lindens, only at my store in world. In marketplace and the normal price will be 120 Lindens.

Aroa Basic Dress: with Hud!!!


This is my lastest release for my urban Line: Aroa Dress!
Is a lovely mesh dress in 6 sizes, and includes an alpha for a perfect fit and a hud for change the color of the dress! You can chose between 8 colors: brown, black, blue, teal, purple, pink, red and green. 
So you can have 8 dresses in only 1. The best...the price! Only 150 Lindens!!


Boats and Bikinis Fair!!!

Tomorrow starts the amazing "Boats and Bikinis Fair" organized by Oceania Breedables. This event runs since 25th to 31th July and you can find many items related to the beach and the hot weather: clothes, accessories, furniture, accessories, houses..etc. 
A Treasure hunt will run too and I made a new and exclusive gift for you all: this super sexy and cute mesh bikini can be yours! You just need to look for a suitcase and get this amazing gift! I hope you like it ^^


Marilyn Dress: super cute!!

And another new release for my urban store.. Nowdays Im more inspired to make urban clothes, but I promise to design more gorean stuff soon!

Ok.. here we go with the new release: Marilyn Dress! Includes rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha and hud for change texture! Yes! You can have 4 dresses in one! 4 colors on the hud: yellow, coral, pink and mint. Only 100 Lindens!!

Fresh bikinis for Stuff in Stock!!

Hi people!!

Another round of the Stuff in Stock event started yesterday and here I come with some fresh and sexy releases, perfect for the hot weather!
Each color includes rigged mesh bikini in 7 sizes, and its available in pink, yellow, stars and aztec. Only 50 Lindens at the Stuff in Stock!



For medieval Women: Hestia!!

Hi folks!!
Hestia is the new release I made for this round of the 25 L Tuesdays. Is a gown perfect for gorean free women, medieval girls and Game of Thrones roleplay! Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alphas, face veil, belt and tiara. Its available in red, blue and green, and during today you can get it for as little as 25 Lindens!! so run to the store and get this bargain ^^

Summer Break Festival!

And yesterday started  the fair "Summer Break Festival"!!! A fair where you can find many stuff from many creators of the SL mainstream (hairs, accessories, clothes..etc) with a exclusive new release for 50 -99 Lindens and a dollarbie for less than 10 Lindens!!!

In my stall, you can find this new and exclusive new release bikinis pack with appliers for Lolas tango. 4 colors are included in the pack and you can get it for as little as 50 Lindens! Don´t miss it!


Urban! Lots of new releases!!!

Hii people!!!

Last week I´ve been working a lot at my urban store, because many fairs are coming and I wanted to design new stuff for them. 
So I designed all this stuff, which is also in some colors at the Summer Break Festival (I will talk about this event later!). I hope you like them!

* Silvia Skirt: super sexy high waist skirt rigged mesh. Every color includes 5 sizes and alpha for a perfect fit. Its available in pink, aquamarine, denim, red and B&W. Only 70 L each color!!

* Damaris Dress: super cute dress! Includes rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes and alpha. Available in pink, blue, spring and black. Only 70 Lindens each!

* Summer Basic Tops Pack: Pack includes clothing crop tops in 8 colors with appliers for Lolas Tango! Only 90 Lindens the pack!


New Releases for the Stuff in Stock!!

And another round of the fab event Stuff in Stock starts today!! 
This time I designed pieces with more "punk" look, cause in the past round they was like super cute and this time is for hard girls!!

* Melissa Dresss: super sexy mesh dress in 5 sizes with studs and alpha for a perfect fit. Its available in pink, black and red. Get them at SiS for just 50 L each!

* Studs Addict Heel shoes: another new release, perfect to mix and match with the Melissa Dresses! Includes non rigged mesh shoe (you can modify the size), alpha and shoe base. Available in pink, black and red for 50 L each, only at SiS now!

Chadara: Belly Dancer style!!

Hi hi folks!

Im not really designing so many new stuff actually (almost just for events) cause its summer, I love to be walking out, at the beach, pool... and its really a pain to be near the PC with this hot!! So I hope I will release more on September. 
Ok, I´m going to show you this new outfit. I designed it for the 25 L Tuesday, so during all today you can get them at the amazing price of just 25 Lindens!!! 
Chadara is perfect for Tahari / Arabic dancers, pleasure slaves, etc. Fresh, elegant and sexy! Includes mesh pants in 5 sizes, alpha, top, necklace, bracelets, foot chains, belt, earrings and face piercings! I hope you like them and dont forget to visit my store today and choose your color!


Pepa: Wanna look sexy??

New release for the 25 L Tuesdays!! Perfect for Gorean & Bdsm Slaves! Includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breast, bracelets, arm cuffs, legbands, necklace Open collar scripted. nose piercing, headband and thong. Available in brown, black and red. Only during today you can get it in my store inworld for just 25 Lindens! So dont miss this chance!

Luas Urban Style : New releases!!

Hi girls!!
Summer is already here!! So I am designing mostly fresh and cute clothes, perfect for the hot weather! I want to show you the new stuff I designed for my urban store. I really like it so I hope you like it too :)

* Joana Dress: I love tie dye style..and this year is a must - have in our wardrobes.. So here is the new release, this time in a short, sexy dress..perfect to go to the beach or the pool, to walk with your love / friends in a hot summer night, to go to a party.... Includes rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha for a perfect fit and non rigged mesh belt. Is available in pink, brown, blue and green. Only 70 Lindens each color!

* Cara Outfit: other must- have!! shorts with long tank! Outfit includes mesh outfit (top + shorts), alpha and non rigged mesh aztec sunglasses (modify). Available in denim style, with owl, teal and skull. Only 90 Lindens each!!