Cute as Candy: Kawaii Outfit!!

And here we go with my lastest release at the urban store: Kawaii outfit! Perfect for sport practice, but with a super sexy and cute look!
Each outfit includes 2 clothing tops, applier for Lolas Tango, mesh shorts in 6 sizes, ribbon, alpha and hud for change the colors of the ribbons and the shorts!
The shirts are available in purple, pink, blue and green. Only 100 Lindens each pack!

Guaci: New for bonds and panthers!

I designed this outfit for the current round of the 25 L Tuesdays event! Well.. I know today is Wednesday but the outfit is still at my store, so if you missed it yesterday for the amazing price of 25 L, run run and get it today!
Outfit is versatile, perfect for panthers, bonds or slaves. Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh top in 5 sizes, mesh socks in 5 sizes, mesh arm warmers, alphas, belt, necklace, face piercings and paint tattoo. Its available in black, red and green. Normal price will be 150 Lindens!

Sura: New medieval Dress!

Hi sweeties! How are you doing this summer / winter? I hope all is good :)
I am going to show you one of my new releases at my gorean store, a gown perfect for medieval, gorean women, roman or Game of Thrones roleplayers..etc.
Includes mesh gown in 5 sizes, alpha, necklace, bracelets and tiara. Its available in green, blue and red and you can get them for as little as 100 Lindens, a special price! I hope you like them :)


Pure Sales Room event!

Hi peeps!

During the next 15 days I am participating too at the Pure Sales Room event. 

This beautiful parkas, perfect for the autumn and winter, are my new releases for this event. Includes mesh coat in 5 sizes and alpha for a perfect fit. Is available in blue, green, black and pink. Only 45 L at the event!

Taxi to Pure Sales Room

New for Stuff in Stock!

Hey sweeties!

Here are Luas new releases for the Stuff in Stock event. Remember, the event runs during 2 weeks and prices are always less than 69 Lindens so you can get bargains there!!

Kore outfit includes mesh tube skirt in 5 sizes, mesh top in 5 sizes and alpha for a perfect fit. Its available in purple, teal, black and red, but if you collect the different colors, then you can mix and match them! 

Get them for just 50 Lindens each at the Stuff in Stock event (not available for now in my store)

Taxi to Stuff in Stock!

Elinor: New for gorean slaves!


Today is running the amazing event "25 L Tuesdays" and as usually, Luas is offering a new release for the great price of 25 Lindens!
Elinor is perfect for gorean slaves. Is elegant, sexy, you can show your belly with the camisk (some really appreciatted for the goreans). Includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, skirt, belt with optional bell sound, earrings, bangles, bracelets and necklace Open Collar scripted. Is available in red, blue and green. 

During only today, you can get it for just 25 Lindens! Normal price will be 99 L so run to take it!


Charlize Blouses

And another new release at my urban store: Charlize Blouses! Perfect for the summer and spring, but you can wear them in autumn too! 
Is a rigged mesh blouse in 5 sizes and includes an alpha for a perfect fit. Available in aztec, denim, B&W and pink for only 50 Lindens each!

Leticia Bags with hud for change texture!

Hi hi!

Lets start with the new releases at my urban store. I wanted to make some bags with hud for change texture, so I made Leticia packs: one in soft colors and other in darker and intense colors. 

Each pack includes non rigged mesh bag (modify) with 2 different animations to wear them, and hud to choose between 6 different textures. Only 150 Lindens!

Basheera: for harem girls!

And another gorean outfit perfect for harem girls, tahari Slaves, dancers..etc. Is sexy, elegant, synful.. Basheera includes mesh pants in 5 sizes, alpha, top, belt, bracelets, bangles, anklets and necklace Open Collar scripted. Is available in red, teal and purple for just 150 Lindens each!

Sally: new Ethnic Outfit

Again long time I dont update the blog so I am going to show you the new releases at my gorean & urban stores.
Sally is one of my lastest releases. Is perfect for ethnic girls, boho style, slaves, bonds..etc. Includes mesh vest in 6 sizes, alpha, non rigged mesh warmers, alphas, top, thong, collar and bangles. Is available in red, black and blue for 99 Lindens each...but during 15 days you can  get the red one at the Gorean Room event for just 50 Lindens!


News at Stuff in Stock!!

And today starts too...(drums´ sound).... A new round of the Stuff in Stock event!!!

Its always exciting cause we can get totally bargains there and they are new releases! So dont forget to visit the room during the next 2 weeks to check the amazing stuff there!

For this round I am offering 2 items: a dress and a headband pack. Hanstrid dress includes mesh dress in 5 sizes and alpha, and its available in aztec, pink, red and flowers for just 50 Lindens each.
Nicy includes non rigged mesh headband (modify) and a hud to change the color. You can have 6 colors in 1 headband! Only 50 Lindens there too.

Take the taxi and enjoy!


New gorean & fantasy gown!!

Hi peeps!

Today is running the always amazing event " 25 L Tuesday " and as usually, Luas is offering new releases for just 25 Lindens!!

Destiny gown is perfect for FW, bonds, outlaws, cause is very versatile. Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alphas, 2 belts (rope and normal), arm warmers, fur scarf, hoodie, corset and appliers for Lolas Tango. 
Its available in black, brown and blue. Dont miss them for this price :)

New at Pure Sales Room event!!

Today is Tuesday...so that means many events are starting! This time I am participating in 2 sales room events, and at the 25 L Tuesday with my gorean store so be sure you check the post to see all the new releases with special prices :)

Lets start with the Pure Sales room. Is are really new event but many well known stores are actually participating and the prices are totally a steal! It runs during 2 weeks, so dont miss to visit the room and check the goodies :).

For this round, Luas offers there this lovely trikinis with intense colors, perfect for the summer. I am sure you will enjoy at the beach and pool with this sexy swimwear costumes.You can get them for jus 35 Lindens each, only at the Pure Sales room for now.


Marcela Skirt: with Hud for change color!

And here we comes with a new release at my urban store: Marcela skirts!
Marcela includes rigged mesh mini ruffled skirt in 5 sizes, alpha for a perfect fit and a hud for changing texture: you can choose between 6 different textures! That means 6 skirts in only one. 
The price: only 100 Lindens!