New Camisk / Dress for the Gorean Room

Hi huns!
How are you? Me I am...Sick!! The flu came to me this weekend, so was really hard to me try to get inspired to design something new for the Gorean Room this time. Finally I decided to make some mesh camisk / dresses, so you can use them to wander in SL too ;). This pack is available nowdays only in the Gorean Room for just 50 L, and includes 4 mesh camisk in 4 colors (stripes, white, red and ethnic style), each one in 5 sizes and 2 styles (Sheer or Normal). To complete the look, includes some bracelets and a long necklace. I hope you like them.. I know is maybe more simple but my headache kept me from doing something more detailed. 


New! Persian mesh outfit & Silks!

Hi hi, my sweets!!
Yesterday I wanted to design something with persian style, but I finally I made another versatile outfit, which can be worn as a sexy pair of silks or just with more arabic style. Includes mesh tops in 4 sizes, mesh pants in 5 sizes, alphas, skirt, nipple piercings, scarf, hoodie, bracelets and bangles. For only 150 L you can wear many combinations and you will look different with each one. Colors available: black, brown and red. Hope you like them!


New Outfits: for Kajira and Outlaws!

I made these outfits for the 25 L Tuesdays round, and I think they look really yummy! The outfits are suitable for bonds or outlaws, because if you wear the scarf and the pants your look will be totally different! Camisk are rigged mesh, and boots too, but you have a demo to try them before purchase the full pack. Use the bracelets and the necklace to complete your sexy look! Normal price will be 99 L

New Modesty Pack!

Yesterday I designed another modesty pack, this time in darker colors to combine with your lady gowns. You can cover your cleavage to look like a FW of Gor, or just to wear like a shirt with your favourite pants or skirts. Includes 5 colors: red, brown, grey, green and teal. Only 50 L 


New: Aliane Gown and Modesty Pack

Hi hi little flowers!!
I´m proud to present my lastest release: Aliane Gown. This outfit is done almost all with mesh items, so be careful you are using the correct viewer to see them. Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh poncho in 5 sizes, shirt and alphas. Perfect to medieval RP, Game of Thrones, Gor ladies..etc. Only 150 L

And as I promised to some customers, I designed one modesty pack, to cover your cleavage in many lady gowns. The pack is available for just 50 L and includes five soft colors: beige, white, rose, blue and green. I think I will design soon another pack with darker colors, and maybe other styles for modesty. They are always neccesary!

Lolita Lolita.. sweet as candy!

I fell in love with this dress as soon as I´ve seen the template in the marketplace and i wanted to build something reallyyy sweet with it. So..I designed this new camisk, but you can wear them too like a dress to wander in SL, or just like a shirt. I think they are really lovely! 
Lolita includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes and 2 styles (sheer and normal), necklace open collar scripted, bracelets, alpha and hair flower. Available in 6 colors and only for 50 Lindens. Chose yours!

Many new releases: for Kajira, Panthers..

Hi sweets!!
I was tooo lazy to update the blog the past week, so today I will have a big job. Because I was lazy to post new releases, but in world I´ve been working a lot and there are lot of new stuff in my store. I will try to resume all in only one post, or I will turn crazy..and here we go!

* Gorean Room: Until October 1st you will find this amazing outfit at the Gorean Room for just 50 L. It works for bonds or slaves, and includes all the clothes and accessories you see in the picture. Normal price in my shop or marketplace is 150 L, so save 100 L and run run to the Gorean Room!

*Yum Yum: a sexy mesh camisk, perfect for bonds and the coming autumn. Includes rigged mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, sculpted top, nipple piercings, socks, bangles, necklace, bracelets, fur leg warmers. Only 150 l and available in 3 colors: green, brown and red. 

*Leorah Silks: another versatile outfit. It works for kajira or panthers, and I made it for the past 25 L round...so now is available for just 75 L. Includes rigged mesh top, skirt, bangles, bracelets, alpha and necklace. In 3 colors too!


New releases: For the 25 L Tuesdays!

For this Tuesday I decided to design 2 outfits, for the 25L Round (as the last tuesday I couldnt participate cause I ´ve been out traveling). 

* Shae: perfect for medieval, gorean, Game of Thrones, ancient or roman RP... Shae is a lovely mesh gown in 2 sizes, sexy and elegant, perfect to show your body curves. Includes bracelets, tiara and golden sandals for complete your look. The red, blue and purple are available today for the 25 L Tuesdays, the green one is nowdays only available in a fair in Highgarden sim, inspired in GOT. Normal price will be 99 L.

*Ilargi: and some new for panther girls. Ilargi includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh gloves in 5 sizes, alphas, necklace, nipple piercings and hair feather. Today for just 25 L, normal price will be 75 L only!

More colors for some outfits!!

Some time ago, some customers asked me for build 2 outfits in more colors or different textures..and yesterday I decided to do it! 
Now you have the well know "At the Tavern" mesh outfit in dirty brown, dirty blue and burlap textures, for just 75 L (same price at the others), and the "Aretha" outfit in white and red, for 99 L. I hope you like them, and thanks for giving me new ideas. 


Autumn Spirit- new for bonds / panthers!

The autumn is coming soon (at least here in Spain) and I wanted to design a version of the "Summer Spirit" outfit for this season. It works for winter too, as It´s made with warmy furs to cover your body. Includes a camisk, 2 skirts (long and short), boots, scarf and bracelets. Only 99 L !

May Outfit: For Outlaws & Bonds!!

Hi sweets!!
I was too lazy to update the blog with my new designs this days ago, so I will do a couple of posts today. I want to show you.... (drums sound)... May Outlaw, a new outfit! Is done almost will all mesh items, with many sizes to chose (5 to every piece) and with alphas so you can make them fit better. The eye patch is non rigged mesh, so you can modify as you want, like a normal sculpt. The outfit includes a couple of arm warmers and a belt too. If you wear the outfit without the pants, it will work for a naughty and dangerous bond ;). 99 L Only!!