New Boho basket Bags!

Hi sweets!!

These new release bags, are available at my urban store! There was a bunch of time without releasing anything new at my urban store, and I wanted to make something hippy chic, perfect for this summer. You can use them to go to the beach, parties, shopping..

100 % original mesh, copy and modify so you can change the size, and with pose animation, these bags will complete your look perfectly!

4 different versions to choose, for just 75 L$ each!

News at The Countdown Room!

For this round of The Countdown Room, you can find this original mesh horns inspired in Maleficient, but with a touch of my imagination! Available in 6 colors for just 35 L$ each (promo price 50 % OFF Sale!)

Taxi to The Countdown Room

Tales of Fantasy!

And another great event is running during this month: The Tales of Fantasy! If you liked the past round, this one is great too! 

Luas is offering some original mesh complete outfit, in 2 gacha machines! Iballa is a 100 % original mesh outfit, inspired in fantasy woman warrior. In one gacha, you can get the tops & skirts, and in the other, the matching pauldrons, bracers and headpiece. Rares are the blacks and goldens, and commons are silvers mixed with leather colors! only 50 L$ each play.. I hope you like them!

Taxi to Tales of Fantasy event!

Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

A new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival started on August 8th, and there is a bunch of great stuff you can get at the gachas available there! This round, the theme is vikings, Asia and pirates, so you can pick up many goodies for your roleplay there!

Taxi to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Luas is offering some new releases there:

  ***  Valkiria outfit:
Inspired in fantasy vikings, this 100 % original mesh outfit is available in 2 gacha machines. In one, you can get the tops & skirts, and in the other, the collar, bracers and legpads. In both machines,the rares are these colors: blacks, goldens, and silvers. Each play is only 50 L$!

***  Thor Helmets: 100 % original mesh unisex helmets, perfect both for women or men. Only 25 L$ each play!

Ulrika Circlet

Yes, I know there is a bunch of time I dont update the blog, but my baby was born a couple of weeks ago and I am spending all my time with him.. He´s so adorable!! 

I made this circlets for some past round of the 25 L Tuesday, is a simple but cute piece, 100 % original mesh, and perfect to complete your looks. Its available in silver and golden, and both packs include a hud to change the color of the moons & stars: 6 colors!

The price is very cheap too: only 75 L$ each pack!

Skin: Birdy - dreamer skin pure
Hair: Spellbound - Moonsugar


Secret Affair!

Hello beauties!!

And another event where Luas is participating this month, is The Secret Affair. Organized by the amazing Manna, the theme for this round is medieval masquerade, a Midsummer dream inspired by Shakeaspeare.
I have to admit, I loved the theme and I enjoyed a lot making the items for this event!

I am offering 2 items there:

** Ophelia: Available in a gacha machine. Common prizes are rigged mesh skirts, when you play the gacha you can select your size and you receive an alpha too. The rare prize is an armor which match perfectly with the skirt, but you can wear it too with other clothes! All is 100 % original mesh, and the price is 50 L$ per try

Skin: Essences Emma peche
Hair: Argrace
Closed eyes: Slink

** Hamlet Mask: original mesh mask, with hud for change the texture. 4 metals included: black, silver, copper and golden. Only 100 L$ (special price!)

Skin : Essences harper (old TDRF round)
Hair: Lelutka Aphrodite

New Sandals for SLink at The Countdown room!

And another event which is actually running is The Countdown room, where you can find original releases at 50 % off Sale!

It started some days ago, and its about to finish soon but you still have some days if you want to check the goodies for that amazing price. 

Luas is offering some original mesh sandals, for the SLink flat feet. Available in 3 metals (golden, silver and black), each one includes a hud to change the color of the pearls. Only 60 L$ at this event, dont miss them!

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