Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

A new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival started on August 8th, and there is a bunch of great stuff you can get at the gachas available there! This round, the theme is vikings, Asia and pirates, so you can pick up many goodies for your roleplay there!

Taxi to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Luas is offering some new releases there:

  ***  Valkiria outfit:
Inspired in fantasy vikings, this 100 % original mesh outfit is available in 2 gacha machines. In one, you can get the tops & skirts, and in the other, the collar, bracers and legpads. In both machines,the rares are these colors: blacks, goldens, and silvers. Each play is only 50 L$!

***  Thor Helmets: 100 % original mesh unisex helmets, perfect both for women or men. Only 25 L$ each play!

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