Stuff in Stock: new round!!

A new round of the amazing event Stuff in Stock starts today!! And as you know, you can find there a bunch of clothes, hairs, accessories, poses and more, for the best prices.

For this round I designed this 2 new releases. Actually they are for sale only there, with a special price :)

*Cindy Outfit: this outfit includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes and 2 colors (black and pink), alpha for a perfect fit, clothing corset in 2 styles and colors (pink and black, with normal or sheer styles) and appliers for Lolas Tango! Special release price on the Stuff in Stock event: only 50 L! 

* Lets Rock! Jewels pack: another new release for Stuff in Stock event. Includes partial mesh collar, ring and earrings. Get it there for just 50 Lindens!!


New releases for the 25 L Tuesdays: Erika outfit and Caste Bags Pack!!

And another great round of the fav event "25 L Tuesdays" is actually running!
As usually, I wanted to design something new to offer you in this special day of the week, so I designed this 2 stuff:

*Erika: versatile outfit for bonds or outlaws. Includes mesh top with mask in 5 sizes and a plus of flexi mesh (read notecard for details of this type of mesh), mesh skirt in 7 sizes, alphas, belt and modesty shirt.
Its available in black, brown and wine, mixed with intense colors to look more fun! Only during today, get them for 25 Lindens! Normal price will be 120.

* Caste Bags pack: many of my customers have asked me to build more backpacks, and yes.. I know they arent really backpacks, but I wanted to make something for caste roleplayers too..so here is a pack with handbags!! The pack includes 2 animated handbags, one for green caste and other for blue caste. They are full of accessories to make your RP more realistic! You can get it today for just 25 L, normal price will be 99 L

Crissy Skirts: New at Luas urban!!

You can find this new skirts now at my urban style store!!
Crissy comes in different textures and colors so you can mix and match it easier with your fav tights, shirts, tanks, jackets.
Its available in pinky, red, black, denim and purple, and you can get each for just 60 L. And includes alpha layer for a perfect fit!

Matahari: I love Harem style!!!

Hi sweeties!!

Again, there is many time I dont update the blog, but I´ve been soooo busy working and I didnt have many time to post nothing. 

So first of all, I am going to show you the (almost) last release I designed for Gorean & Fantasy roleplay.
I designed Matahari for the last round of the 25 L Tuesday (past week, not today) and I wanted to get an awesome arabic style, perfect for slaves from Tahari or dancers of Gor. 

Matahari includes mesh pants in 5 sizes, mesh top in 5 sizes, alphas, 2 chain belts, long chain necklace, short necklace Open Collar scripted, bracelets and bangles. Is available in teal, red and pink, and last week, you could get them for just 25 L. Now you can get them for just 150 L each.. isnt bad too, true?


Fantasy Faire is Open!!!!

Hey there!!!
The amazing event Fantasy Faire is now open!!
Im very proud to participate this year in this superb event, where you can find 8 sims involved, lot of new releases, hunts with freebies, events and more! The fair runs from April 20th to 28th, only one week, so please dont miss to visit it, the sims are the most beautiful I´ve seen in SL since long ago!

For the Fantasy Faire I designed this 4 new releases (I´ve been working on them since long ago) and whats the best about them?? THE 100 % OF THE PROFITS WILL BE DONATED TO RFL (The American Cancer Society), so.. by purchasing them, you wont be only getting super cute stuff.. you will be helping to raise money to this Society, to continue investigating about Cancer and helping people who needs it.

Yasmin and Hathor outfits are available for just 150 Lindens each, and Misha for 99 Lindens!

In addition, in my store there you will find many stuff at 50 % OFF Sale!


New Releases for Urban style!!!

Hi sweets!
Here are the new releases available at Luas Urban style. I will be probably doing more soon, cause this month I´m truly inspired to build! I suppose is  the spring, it makes me want to do many things!

* Owl Jewel Set: this jewelry set includes necklace, earrings and ring. Copy and modify, so you can easily adapt them to your shape. Perfect to mix and match with your clothes! Only 60 Lindens!

* Cotton Leggings pack:  this pack of super cute cottong leggings includes leggins in clothing layers (no mesh) in 6 colors! Black, blue, brown, pink, red and purple. Only 50 Lindens the complete pack so... dont miss them!!

New Releases for Gorean RP: Corsaria and Andriel!

Hi!! Now Im going to show you my lastest releases at my store:

*Corsaria: some time ago a customer asked me for a pirate outfit for woman, made with mesh, and I couldnt say no because I think it was a very good suggestion! So here is the result: a super complete outfit or mix and match, so you can get different styles depending on the way you wear the clothes! Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh jacket in 5 sizes, mesh corset in 6 sizes, a bunch of alphas to mix, mesh sleeves, necklace with compass to find the treasures xDD and a lovely hat! Its available in 3 colors: red, blue and brown, for only 175 Lindens each one!

* Andriel: outfit for bonds, slaves, woman of the Carts.. Includes mesh top in 5 sizes, mesh skirt in 5 sizes, belt, necklace, alphas, bangles, bracelet, headband, and animated pitcher to wear with you! For now is available in 3 colors : beige, brown and black, but i will probably do it in more colors because customers asked me for do it.. And customers rules! Only 150 Lindens


Stuff in Stock: Superb urban Event!!!

And my last post for today, yayyy!! 
Im very happy cause this is my first time participating in the amazing event "Stuff in Stock". If you dont know this one, I can bet you will find in a big and super cute room a bunch of nice stuff for the SL mainstream: nails, accessories, shapes, hairs, clothes, necklaces, bags, skins and much much more! Always with discounted prices, and all are new releases! 
I designed this for this round (starts 16th April and finish on 

Vania Dress includes 2 super sexy mesh dresses in 5 sizes and 2 colors, black and red, with a cross with studs, and an alpha layer for a perfect fit. Only available in Stuff in Stock for 50 L!

Cupcake Set includes 3 pair of mesh glasses (mint, pink and blue) and a super cute necklace with a cupcake (Luas cupcake exclusive). Only available in Stuff in Stock for 50 L!


New Gorean Stuff: new releases for the 25 Lindens Tuesdays!

Now Im going to show you the outfits I designed for this round of the 25 L Tuesday (its today so if you see the blog during this day, dont miss the outfits for this amazing release price!)

* Elektra: super sexy outfit for slaves or panthers! Includes a bunch of accessories to make your avie look amazing : mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, thong, socks, bracelets, bangles, long necklace, short necklace open collar scripted, anklets, legband and headband. Available in fur, brown and ethnic patterns.. You can get those today for only 25 Lindens!!! Normal price will be 150 Lindens, so dont miss them now!

* Dirty Body Tattoos pack: complete pack of dirty body tattoos, in 3 different styles: soft (if you want to look only a bit dirty), medium (if you want to show more mud) or hard (if you want to look as you have been swiimming in the mud!). Only includes the tattoo layers (not normal clothing layers, so you need to have the correct viewer) and includes appliers for Lolas tango so your boobies can look dirty too!

Monique: New for the Gorean Room!

I designed this new outfit for this new round of the Gorean Room event. Monique is perfect for bondmaids or outlaws, and includes different clothes and accessories so you can mix and match them as you like. 
Includes mesh shirt in 5 sizes, mesh pants in 5 sizes, alphas, belt, skirt, arm warmers, boots and necklace. Available for now only at the Gorean Room event for just 50 Lindens!!


Maddy - Yes, I love skulls!! (Urban Style)

This sexy dress, or shirt, cause you can wear them with pants too, is really sexy and versatile. Its designed with super cute skulls, and its available in 4 colors (all with different skulls) so you can choose if you want to look for sweet or punk! 
Every pack includes mesh dress in 5 sizes and an alpha for a perfect fit. Only 60 Lindens each color!

Brunhilda: new for slaves!

This outfit is perfect for ethnic slaves or panthers. Includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, bracelets, bangles, necklace, earrings, nose piercing and face jewel tattoo. You can choose from 6 colors: red, pink, teal, gold, green and black...and the most amazing is the price!! Cause you can get it for only 75 Lindens. A special one for my beloved customers :)

Gor- FW and Backpacks!

Hi there sweets!
Again, many time without update the blog (more than 3 weeks, OMG!) so I will try to update it fastly to show you the new releases available in my stores. So... here we go! 
First Im going to show you the outfits I released for the past round of the 25 L Tuesday. 

* Kaliope: a beauty, colorful outfit for FW or slaves. Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, mesh hoodie in 3 sizes, modesty, mesh warmers in 1 size, alphas and sandals. Is available in brown, black and green and the price is now 150 L.

* Seller Backpacks pack: this pack includes 2 amazing backpacks perfect for RP. One includes fresh pieces of fruits, and other a bunch of honey bottles. Im sure you will enjoy your roleplay with that one! Now the pack available for just 99 L


New Cross Tights pack!!

My lastest release for my urban store is this pack of tights! This time, with crosses pattern, perfect to mix and match with your favourite skirts, dresses, shorts... The pack includes 5 colors: black, purple, teal, green and red, and you can get it for as little as 50 L!

Idaira: new for panthers or slaves!!

For this past round of the 25 L Tuesday, I designed this outfit, perfect for ethnic slaves or panther girls! Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alpha, necklace, nipple piercings, body paint tattoo (modify so you can tint it in the color you want!), face piercing and belt. Its available in teal, red and brown, for the bargain price of the 25 L..But tomorrow i will take it off..so run if you want it for this price.. ! Normal price will be 99 L. Hope you like them <3

XY Room!

Hey there!
I´m very happy because this is my first time at the XY Room event! The event is running since 1st to 20th of every month, so you can come that days to see the new stuff. All is discounted, less than 100 L so you can get totally bargains (and all are new releases!).
I designed this outfit, inspired in festival looks. Summer is near...and summer is time for raves, music...so you can look perfect with this suit! Indie girl includes mesh shorts with studs and a lovely faded texture, a mesh shirt with rocker style and a belt! All this for 50 L there! 
For now, you can only find it there, so run if you dont want to miss it :)

Here is the Landmark:   XY Room!