On holidays!!

Hi my dear customers and followers!
I will spend some time for holidays, altought I will try to log in a little to put the 25 L outfits for the next week and to answer some questions..But I will have a netbook so... I can send some undelivery thing but I cant arrange problems in the clothes or similar things.. Remember to contact me by notecard and add the transaction for any request. 
I will go to Tenerife (Canary Islands) so I am very happy!! Hope to see you soon and I will try to design many new things when I return. 
Thanks all for your support, you make Luas possible.

<3 Ainara

Catelyn: Mesh Camisks!!

Another camisk, this time mesh! Unfortunatly when I bought the template it only included 2 sizes (one thin and another curvy). The curvy fits perfect to my body shape but I would like it includes more sizes so people can chose their size easily..Anyway im very happy with the effect of this silks, with a little inspiration in ethnic style. Every pack includes 2 camisk in 2 sizes and 2 colors, bangles, necklace and sandals. Like almost always, the price is 99 L. I recomend to purchase before the Demo for free to see how they fit, to avoid problems. I dont like to see my customers dissapointed with their purchases!


This days I was wanting to build more versatile outfits and we continue with this style! I think this type of clothes are nice to afford money, so often we have to change the character because of the roleplay (we are a savage panther who submit to a man and we need some silks, or we are a kajira tired of serving and we decide to escape to the forest..etc). Alondra is perfect for bonds, panthers and even outlaws. Includes sheer camisk, top, chain belt, bracelet, arm warmers, boots, belt alone, kilt and necklace. You can chose the style you want to wear every day with this outfits cause the chances are many. Get it for only 99 L!

Niali Silks: For panthers & kajirae

This is a very versatile outfit, you can wear it to look like a panther or like a bond or slave. Includes top, skirt, necklace, bracelets, anklets and vest. Only 75 L, available in 3 colors!


Tristana Panther

And for the same round of the 25 L today, I wanted to design something for panthers too ( I didnt build nothing for panther since...pfff long ago!!). This outfit includes top, skirt, arm warmer, bracelet, and 3 tattoos inspired in war paint to complete your look (1 for body, 1 for face, 1 for body & face). Get this for 25 L today, normal price will be 75 L!

Levia Silks

And here is the new silks for the 25 L round. They are really sexy and you can use them in many combinations. Includes one arness alone, perfect to wear with one of the skirts (the short brown), and 1 camisk with another skirt, long and in the same color of the camisk. Includes armwarmers, legband and 2 collars too (1 with open collar scripts and another without scripts). I think this silks are a little inspired in Bdsm or gor..so you can chose where to use them! This Tuesday, are available for just 25 L. Normal price will be only 99 L

Renata Camisks

I made this camisk for the past week of the 25 L round..but like always I was too lazy to post them here so I ´m doing it now (1 week later!). This camisk are made in colorful textures, perfect for spring, summer or hot days. Includes top, camisk, skirt, necklace, bracelets, legband and animated serving tray, full decorated to have a fun RP with a complete breakfast! Now you can find them in my store or marketplace for just 75 L each. Enjoyy


Arya Gown

Days ago I wanted to start to RP in a Game of Thrones sim (Im addicted to the series in TV!) but I havent done still (im really lazyyy :S). But anyway I wanted to design some dress inspired in medieval and I named it "Arya" like one of the Stark´s. This outfit can be worn for medieval or gorean RP too, and even for some who are looking for something more gothic ^^. Includes shirt, pants, skirt, tiara, necklace, sleeves and ballerina shoes. 150 L in my store or in marketplace. Hope you like them!

Bath Girl

Yes this weekend I´ve been working a lot in my store, cause I will be gone for holidays during some days soon and I had ideas I wanted to design first. This is the Bath Girl outfit, just soft, simple and sexy. Includes top, sculpted thong, chain belt, bracelets, anklets, collar with identity (it says "Bath Girl" like it´s said in the Gor books) and 2 animated buckets, fully decorated with all you need to have a realistic and funny RP. Only 99 L

Zephorah Kirtle

Yes we are in summer here..but I know in other countries the winter is really cold so I designed this warmy kirtle for all gorean Bonds. Includes camisk, skirt, sleeves, cloak and hoodie. If you combine it with some trousers and a modesty, you can use it as free woman or outlaw too. Only 99 L


At the Tavern: New mesh camisks!

This is a mixed of the outfits Tavern Girl and Pot Girl but with a mesh camisk in 2 versions: sheer or normal, so you can show your naughty side when you want. Includes hand cuffs, leg cuffs, necklace Open Collar Scripted and coin chest bracelet to collect the money. Available in red, white or yellow.
P.D You can use it like a normal shirt for roam in Second Life!!