Fantasy Faire 2014!

Hey sweets!

Tomorrow starts the great and well known event Fantasy Faire 2014! It runs during 1 - 11 May and there are 9 sims involved, where you can find many new releases, offers, sales and more from lots of SL designers, all focused in fantasy / roleplay stuff!

Remember, this is a charity event, so in each store you will find items in the RFL vendors, which profits will be donated to the American Cancer society. We can do it! 

I hope to see you there, there are many events running in the fair: hunt, auction, and more..  If you want more info, you can check here: Fantasy Faire blog

And as usually, I am offering there some new releases, and most of my items there are at 50 % OFF Sale.. I hope you like them!

* Cenedra gown: Perfect if you want to look like a princess! Includes mesh skirt in 4 sizes, mesh top in 5 sizes and alpha! Its available in blue, red and black, for just 120 L$ each! The black color profits are 100 % donated to the RFL event!

* Spring is Coming crowns: pack of original mesh crowns, perfect to match with the Cenedra dresses or just to complete your look! Each pack includes 3 colors, one of this pack is donated to the RFL event too! Only 99 l$ each pack.

Here is the taxi to the Sim where you can find my store.. but there are many more! dont forget to visit them all..they are lovely <3
Taxi to Fantasy Faire event (Blackwater Glenn)

Skin: Sinnery Quiana bare face (toffee)
Hair: Liquence

Skin: Sinnery Quiana bare face (toffee)
Hair: Little Bones (soon at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Drunna: New release!

Drunna is the new release for the 25 L Tuesday round, but anyway it will be available at my store or marketplace for an amazing price: only 75 L$! 
Outfit includes a beautiful leather dress in 5 sizes, (perfect to wear alone or use with some pants and jacket to create a new look (more for FW), bangles and necklace.
Its available in black, green and purple.

BTW, I´m in love with my new skin! I purchased it at Skinnery and I am amazed by this work.. it looks so real.. Normally, I prefer "doll look like" skins, cause I want my avie looking like an avie but.. I couldnt resist to purchase this one and I really love it!

Skin: Skinnery Quiana bare face (toffee)
Hair: Little Bones Eden


Cat Bags: new at Suicide Doll event!

Hi hi!

Some weeks ago I´ve been practicing in Blender to create some bag.. I wanted to make something cute, and what better than a cat? 
Includes pose animation to wear it, and each color comes in 2 versions: with kawaii face and normal. Is 100 % original mesh, copy & modify, so you can edit the sizes.

Available at Suicide Doll event at 50 % OFF Sale: only 50 L$ each pack! Dont miss them <3

Taxi to Suicide doll event!

Skin: Essences Paris 02 lightrose
Hair: Moon Still Cold blondes
Dress: Luas Keiko Dress sky

Vika : new sexy outfit!

Hi hi! 
One of the lastest realeases at my Fantasy & Gorean line, are the Vika outfits. Perfect for bonds or slaves, but you can match the clothes and accessories too with some pants, or skirt or something, to create a perfect look for outlaw, vampire, or whatever you want!

Includes mesh body in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, bangles, anklets and necklace. Each pack includes the body in 2 different colors, and you can get them for as little as 150 L$ each!

Skin Essences Paris02 Ligthrose
Hair: Truth Candy blondes


Raella: New at the Countdown Room!

A new round of the Countdown room event started! Remember, is a place where you can find many new releases from different creators at 50 % off sale, during only 1 week! After all.. all customers will be ejected from the place so run if you dont want to miss the bargains!

For this round, Luas is offering a complete outfit, perfect for gorean, medieval or ancient roleplay. Includes rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha, necklace, crown, bracelets and bangles. All is original mesh, and its available in 6 colors there: red, black, pink, purple, blue and green, for just 100 L$ each (50 % OFF price)

And in adittion, you can find lots of goodies from many stores.. I really love the stuff  I saw there, so run, I bet you will love it too :)

Taxi to The Countdown Room!

Skin: Essences Paris02 Lightrose
Hair: Moon Still cold 


If you want to look like a princess, or get a look perfect for a medieval / royalty / fantasy roleplay, Aurora could be a good choice! 
The mesh dresses come in 4 sizes and each pack includes 2 colors, so you can have 2 dresses for the price of one! The alpha is included too. Only 175 L$ each pack!

And for match the gowns, this stars jewels are perfect! Made with shimmer textures, includes a hud for change the color. 8 colors availble in the hud! Includes collar and headpiece. Only 100 L$!

Skin Essences Paris 02 Lightrose
Hair: Little Bones (at the Chapter 4)


30 L Love & War fair!


Tomorrow starts the Love & War fair, this time to celebrate the 4th aniversary of the 30 L Saturdays! Yayyy we are getting old! LOL. 

This event runs from April 2 -6, so you have a few days to pick up the goodies available there! Many new releases, Gachas, stuff for 30 L and a mini hunt where you can  get lots of free things! Dont miss it!

At my stall there, you can find 2 new releases in the Gacha machines. Both are original mesh (I am practicing a lot in Blender and I really love this program now), and the price is just 30 L$ per try. I hope you like them!

Taxi to 30 L Love & War Fair

Skin: Essences Paris02 Lightrose
Hair: Lelutka Cheryl

Skin: Skinnery Kate Bare Face Toffee (in a gacha there)
Hair: Moon Paper cuts ombre

And in adiction, in my stall you can find lots of outfits for just 30 L and many stuff at 50 % OFF Sale, like this original mesh tiara pack! Perfect for fantasy and medieval roleplayers, includes a hud for change the texture of the gems and the metals. Only 35 l$ there, at 50 % OFF Sale!

Skin: Essences Emma Peche
Hair: Lelutka Maleficient


It´s again Tuesday, and it means a new round of the 25 L Tuesday. I always try to offer new release, so you get the chance of pick up bargains.

For this round, Luas is offering some dresses and an armor set, textured with scales... so I thought Dracaris could be a good name xD.

* Dracaris dresses includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha and hud for change the texture. Last weeks I try to offer different sets with hud so you can change the color. Each pack includes 3 colors, and at my store you can find 3 packs: neutrals, colds, and warms. Get them today for just 25 L$!

* Dracaris armor is perfect to wear with the dresses (you can see how it looks in the picture ^^), or just to mix and match with other stuff. Includes original mesh shoulder pads and bracers, in 2 tones: golden, and silver.  Its modify, so guys can probably use it too!. Don´t miss them!

Skin: Essences Emma peche
First picture (armor): Laviere Nadia
Other pictures (dresses): Elikatira Over