Poor Mee!

Poor Me is an sexy and cute outfit designed thinking of working slaves, low caste´s slaves.. You will look really perfect with this costume, which includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, mesh top in 5 sizes, alphas, belt, necklace, bracelets, leg band, animated vase to wear with yourself and dirty tattoo for all body and  face. 
It´s available in 3 colors:  brown, red and blue, and you can purchase it for just 99 Lindens!

Antonia: new mesh gown

Antonia is almost built with all mesh items. Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, mesh poncho in 5 sizes and mesh gloves in 5 sizes. Alpha and belt are included too. Is perfect for northen Free woman, she urts, or medieval and Game of Thrones roleplay. Its available for just 150 L in my store in world or in marketplace in 3 color - combinations: black & brown, brown & green, red & black. Hope you like them!


Happy Christmas!!!

In this special dates,  I want to thank all you, my beloved customers, for be there, for all their words, which make me want continue designing more, for all your ideas and suggestions..
Luas is growing because of you all, and It makes me very happy.
I wish you will have a Merry, merry Christmas and a really happy new year, my best wishes for all of you.
Peace, Love..and have fun!!!

On December 25, you can find your Santa Claus´present in my store, This cute outfit, Reni, perfect for celebrate this special dates with a sexy look!

Huggies <3

Crystal: for sexy slaves!

Crystal is specially designed for pleasure, tavern or working slaves.. Includes mesh camisk in 5 sizes, alpha, necklace with trunk chest, belt, and bracelets and leg bands with optional bell sound. It was avaiable for 30 L at the Midwinter Fair, but today it´s over and you can find it in my store or in marketplace for 99 L!


Evelyn was designed for the last round of the fab 25 L Tuesdays, and is an outfit for bonds, outlaws or even to be warmy in this winter to roam around in SL! Includes mesh pullover in 5 sizes, alpha, scarf, hoodie, long pants, boots and socks. Now is available in my store in world or in marketplace for just 99 L. In 3 colors; chose yours!!


Asha: new outfit!!

New outfit for Gor, medieval Style, boho..etc. Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alpha, mesh top in 5 sizes, bangles, necklace, belt and fur boa. Only 150 L! In 3 colors!

More new colors for FW Outfits!!

As some customers asked me to make more colors for some gowns, I decided to make them!!
So now you can find Cinnia gown, Esther and Rhaenys in 3 more colors. Here are the pictures!


New gown: Esther

Hi. A new gown for medieval / gorean ladies for a bargain price: 99 Lindens ! Includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, 2 alphas (with feet, no feet to wear with boots f.e), belt, modesty and fur cloak. Perfect to be warmy this winter, or for northen ladies. Hope you like them!!


Kara: for wild bonds!!

Kara is a new release, specially designed for another great round of the 25 L Tuesdays. Its made thinking in bonds, panthers or even outlaws if you add some modesty or pants. Its sexy... and I´m sure you will look really though and dangerous! 
Includes skirt, top, corset, cloak, bracelet, and non rigged mesh leg warmers (modify). Only this Tuesday for 25 L..normal price will be 99 L!

*Slave* Fair

Since December 1st to 8th is running the Slave Fair! Organizated by the blogger and designer Christine Easterlig, there you will find many stall from many gorean /bdsm /fantasy themed stores with lots of Sales, new releases, Christmas gifts, Lucky chairs, hunts..and much more!! Are you going to miss it? For this amazing event, I prepared a new elegant release inspired in Roman Slaves. Its a mesh tunic, and includes 7 sizes of the camisk, bracelets, necklace open collar scripted, alpha and foot chains. There are 3 colors to choose: blue, white and red. Available only for now there, for just 75 L!! 

And in this Fair you can find too, many items at 50 % OFF Sale in my stall.... And a cute Christmas gift behind the big Tree!! I hope you enjoy this event.