Stuff in Stock: Other Great round!!


Today starts a new round of the always amazing Stuff in Stock event! It will be running during the next two weeks, so be sure to take the taxi and take a look at the great stuff available there: all new releases for a fantastic price!!

For this round I focused in the sweet girls, so I wanted to design outfits with a more cute look:

** Preppy Dress: outfit includes rigged mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha and non rigged mesh headband. Its  available there in mint, pink and blue (the coral one is in the pict but not available there, will be on my store but when the round finish). Only 50 Lindens each there!

** My Ribbon Shoes: super cute non rigged mesh shoes (modify). Includes alpha and shoe base for a perfect fit. Available there in pink, blue and mint, perfect to mix and match with the dresses. The coral isnt available there either (my mistake.. I designed more items than the allowed there xD). 50 Lindens each color!


Rina: New release!!!

Hi folks!!

Summer is here!! And is the time to make fresh and ethnic clothes as Rina, the new release for the 25 L Tuesday event!
Is perfect for slaves, boho girls, etc.. So I am pretty sure you can wear it for roleplay or just for wander in SL with a different look. Includes mesh skirt in 7 sizes, mesh top in 5 sizes, belt, necklace and bracelets. Available in brown, wine and black. You can get it today (or maybe a couple of days more too) for just 25 Lindens. Normal price will be probably 99 Lindens :)


Midsummer Dream Fair: The 30 Lindens Fair!

Hi hi!! To celebrate the summer arrival the 30 L Saturday merchants organized an amazing fair called : Midsummer Dream Fair! It runs since today 21 June to 23, that means all this weekend. In a super cute sim you will find a hunt with lot of gifts, dollarbie presents (5 - 10 Lindens and with transfer permissions to give to your friends) and lots of stuff for 30 Lindens!
The best stores about Gorean / Fantasy / medieval stuff are there..so what are you waiting for? Take the taxi and visit us there :)

At the Fair, Luas has 2 stalls!! In one, you will find all the stuff available for just 30 Lindens and in the other, all at 50 % OFF Sale (75 Lindens mostly of the stuff).
And.. 3 new releases for just 30 Lindens there, for now only exclusively in the fair!


Luxury Corsets pack!

My lastest release at my urban store! This corset packs includes corset in clothing layers in 4 colors: purple, pink, orange and blue, and appliers for Lolas Tango mesh breast in all colors! The pack costs only 60 Lindens and they are just perfect to mix with your fav jeans, skirts, leggings..etc!

Iscah: new for Roman / gorean slaves!!

Hi hi!!
I love to design outfits inspired in the ancient Roma..and here is this one: Iscah!
This was available all this past week for just 25 L (for the 25 L Tuesday) but now it has the normal price of 99 Lindens (still a bargain!).

Outfit includes mesh tunic in 5 sizes, alpha, bangles, anklet bands, short necklace Open Collar Scripted, long chest necklace with optional bell sound. Available in blue, red and green!

Newss for the Pure Sales Room event!

Im very sorry for the delay, but I´ve been soo busy this days (RL, preparing new stuff for fairs, etc..) so I hadnt time to update blog. 
I joined a new sales event called "Pure Sales Room" which started last monday. Its running during 2 weeks sooo no worry, you still have time to go there and pick up your goodies! All prices are from 30 - 70 L, so bargaings at all!
For this event I designed  this stuff:

*Spiked Shoes: lovely high heel shoes with lots of spikes! Perfect for a sexy and rocker look. Each pack includes non rigged mesh shoes (modify), alpha and shoe base. Available in 4 colors: black, pink, blue and red for just 50 Lindens there!

*Rainbow dress pack: perfect for summer and spring! Pack includes mesh dress in 5 sizes, alpha and appliers for lolas tango, in 2 colors (lime and pink). Only 65 Lindens there!



Catiuska: new for Free women

Hi sweets!!
Here is the last release for medieval / gorean women: Catiuska! 
Catiuska is perfect for BTB high castes, but you can look more young depending on the way you wear it: it includes a bunch of stuff!! : Mesh dress in 5 sizes, alphas, modesty, applier for Lolas tango, mesh hoodie 3 sizes, face veil, tiara, belt and 2 collars (long and short). 
You can choose between 3 colors: purple, teal and red. The price is 199 Lindens... but you can get the Red at the Gorean Room for just 70 Lindens!! A bargain, so don´t miss it!!


Jhiqui: for Dothraki women!!!

Its not a secret I really looove Game of Thrones.. I´ve read all the books and now Im seeing the television series, and I can´t wait for the next book and the next season!!!
Jhiqui is an outfit inspired in Dothraki women, but with many jewels.. Maybe for a Khaleesi? I just imagined how can it look with harem pants xD. 
I designed it for the past round of the 25 L Tuesday, so some people got it at that amazing price.. But no worries! Normal price is 150 L , a bargain cause you get all this: mesh pants in 5 sizes, mesh vest in 6 sizes, belt, necklace, bracelets, bangles, top and appliers for lolas tango!

Azahara Clutch: for Gatcha Addition Event!

You can fin this amazing studded clutchs in fluor colors for now exclusively at the Gacha event! They are modify and transfer, so when you play the Gatcha machine, you will receive a random color..and if you dont like it, you can give it away to a friend and continue playing! 
Only 40 L each play! (you always win a clutch, but you can´t choose the color ^^)



Stuff in Stock : New Round!!

Hi peeps!

This next Tuesday  (June 11 ) starts a new round of the always amazing Stuff in Stock event. If you dont know it... what are you waiting for? You can find lot of discounted stuff: hairs, poses, accessories, clothes, tattoos, shapes..and more. Always for less than 69 Lindens.

And now, we go with the amazing dress I designed for this round! I remember my first Tie - Dye maxi dress..when I was about 17 years and I loved it! And now..they are a must have in our wardrobe too!! So why not have one in our SL wardrobe too? 
Includes 5 sizes and alpha for a perfect fit, and its available in pink, blue, green and red. Only 50 Lindens at Stuff in Stock event during the next 15 days!

Urban! New stuff

And now the new releases for the Urban Line!!

* Liberta Bikinis: summer is almost here (or at least we are waiting impatient in Spain cause weather this year sucks..grr), but well, I wanted to make something to go to the beach so I used this mesh with funny colorful textures! Includes 5 sizes and alpha, and its available in fluor, dots, tropical, navy and navajo. Only 50 Lindens!

* Aztec Boots: I saw the aztec boots in RL and as I had that mesh ( I already used it on Lona Boots) I couldnt wait to make the version for SL too! Boots are non rigged mesh, that means you can modify them, and includes alpha layer and shoe base. Available in pink, teal, orange and black. Only 70 Lindens each!

Nikita: do you like ethnic style??

Hi flowers!!!

Again, long time without update this.. so Im going to try to show you all the new releases available at Luas.
First of all, Nikita! I designed this for the past round of the 25 L Tuesdays and I really loved it.. Its totally ethnic and perfect for panthers, slaves, red savages, indian..etc! 

Includes mesh skirt in 5 sizes, alpha, belt, bracelets, bangles, necklace, top, appliers for Lolas Tango and hair accessory with feathers! Its available in black and brown, for just 150 Lindens!


Luas Urban Style: New Releases!!

Hi beauties!!
More new releases for my urban line! Last days I´m like more inspired to build urban clothes but I promise I will make some more for Gor too. 

*Keira Shirts: rigged mesh shirts, perfect to mix and match with your fav shorts, tops, skirts..etc. Each color includes 5 sizes and alpha layer. Its available in red plaid, purple plaid, brown and denim, for only 45 Lindens each!

*Lace Basic Tops pack: this is a complete top of super sexy basic tops in lace pattern, in soft colors, perfect for the summer and the spring. It comes in different layers and includes appliers for Lolas tango mesh breast. The pack comes with tops in 4 colors: pink, blue, mint and white. 50 Lindens only!